Another Road, Another Chance

55:02   •   February 15, 2014

The classic story of Jonah, the man who got a second chance. Johnny Cash sings. Buck Williams gives testimony. – Portland 9/25/92


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  1. Tyrone. Davis says:

    He is still one of the Great ones. Thank you for your giving your life to Jesus because of you I have a relation with the King Jesus.

  2. jackson N.Paye says:

    Billy, thank you for spreading the Good News of Christ to America and the whole world. The Lord will continue to give you the power and long life to carry on his work. May the Lord richly bless you.

  3. Jeffrey MClane says:

    I can’t stop sinning. I know it is wrong but what can I so to change this.

  4. Sarah Lamb says:

    Can I please get a transcript of this sermon? I am studying it for my college thesis paper. Thank you!

    1. Lynn Stepp says:

      Sarah, I apologize, we do not have transcripts of all of the old sermons from Mr. Graham.

  5. Mark Thomas says:

    Dr, Billy Graham has always been a powerful evangelist for Christ. The way he brings the message in layman’s terms that all can understand is a blessing in itself. May the BGEA and Dr. Graham’s son Franklin and his grandson Will carry on the ministry until Christ’s return.

  6. Kerry Willis says:

    I’m watching the old Crusade services and I just love Billy so much.
    God bless him and his health… I just bawl and bawl when I see all those people responding to the call and filling up that huge space in front of the podium.
    Thank you, Billy Graham, so much.
    I don’t know you personally, but I love you and I thank you for being my teacher.
    God bless you.

  7. noel joseph says:

    enjoyed listening to Billy Graham message on the power of the cross

  8. Howard Hagans says:

    Thank you for these classics. I was saved in 1958. Always watched Billy Graham and even attended some crusade meetings in Philadelphia. I long to see that again. I praise God for the ministry and pray the BGEA continue as long as the Lord Tarries.

  9. Michele Kellam says:

    Thank you and may The Lord of Lords and King of Kings Bless and Rejoice over you now and forever…Amen!!!

  10. Faye Barbetta says:

    I got saved in 1967, I had watched the. Billy Graham crusade, and.his presching helped me to understand that I needed a Savior. Billy Graham is my hero right under Jesus. Praise be to God for Billy Graham.

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