A Gift of Blood

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Billy Graham preaches a powerful sermon on the saving blood of Jesus Christ. Doug Oldham sings. Captain Charles Hadley gives testimony. – Tacoma 5/20/83

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  1. Kathy sutphin says:

    Billy Graham is a gift from God.

  2. Rick Covert says:

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful classics. I gave my life to Christ when I was a boy of 10 years old. I strayed away as a teenager and found myself trapped in the cult of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It took me 20 years to escape their influence, and another 10 years of wondering aimlessly to realize that God still loved me. These classics, aired on TBN each Saturday, have helped me draw close to Christ, just as I did as boy. I’m steady now in a little country church where my family attends now. But it was the blessing of Dr. Graham’s sermons that helped to bring me back. I can never gain those years back I lost, but I’m encouraged by this message regarding Christ’s blood, that I have a wonderful future ahead because of God’s justice.

    1. Durai says:

      Your story is useful to me….

  3. wiiim Nichols says:

    I Love all of Dr.Billy Grahams Sermons.

  4. Edward White says:

    Billy Graham is my favorite person to listen to. Words of encouragement I love to listen to as well. I like the Billy Graham classics.

  5. cherub obadare says:


  6. Abhilash suna says:

    Thank you jesus

  7. jose diniz says:

    E uma benção

  8. Dale Hooper says:

    Wonderful life changing message!

  9. Steven Gaydos says:

    Praise Jesus for His ultimate gift, my Redeemer. Thank you Jesus.

  10. Darlene Demeritt says: