TV SPECIAL7 Days in the Holy Land

Travel with Franklin Graham and his daughter Cissie, as they explore the Holy Land where scriptures come to life, through this devotional journey.


7 Days in the Holy Land 28:30

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As a special thank you for your gift to the global ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, we’d like to send you the DVD, 7 Days in the Holy Land, filmed on location. This exclusive DVD also contains bonus materials from Billy Graham including the film “Jerusalem”. Billions of people across the globe are still waiting to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. We need partners like you who will pray fervently and give generously.



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  1. Joe Santana says:

    I have been going into a lot of sorrows in my life. I have found the Lord Jesus in my heart. He is my savior and my Lord and I will follow him to the end of my days.

  2. James says:

    Dear Dr. Graham,

    I heard you preach a simple balanced gospel at Liverpool football club (L.F.C.) at Anfield Liverpool UK in 1984. I was 10 then and received Jesus into my heart.
    You’ll never walk alone was the club anthem and I have never walked alone since!! I am eternally grateful.
    May God comfort you and bless your heart in Jesus name.

  3. Ron Blake says:

    Dear Pastor Graham, I am the Great Grand Son of Pearl Goode. I grew up in Pasadena and never knew about my G.G.M. I am so proud to be a continuing part of the legacy of a Godly woman. I will continue to lift up the gospel in Prayer. Your Brother in Jesus… Ron

  4. Zegota says:

    I can remember my Grandmother watching or listening to Billy Graham many times, I am sure that I could even find some of his literature lying around the house, if I look.
    He is truly a very spiritual person and a strong tool that the Heavenly Father used, even today I respect his devotion to the Holy inspired words of God.
    And wish him the very best, because he never gave up and always stood by what he read in the words of God. God Bless you Reverend Billy Graham, and thank you so much, for your inspiration and your honesty. It is a rare human commodity in todays liberal world.

  5. Carolyn Fisher says:

    Love your ministry and Franklin’s also. We have been followers of your ministry for many
    years – nearly 60! It will be nice to get the BGEA updates!

  6. Doug Daniel says:

    may God bless and comfort Billy!

  7. patson mulumbwe says:

    Kindly update me with the message every day.

  8. patson mulumbwe says:

    May our God continue blessing for the many lives you are touching through your messages

  9. Jashua says:

    thank you for the work that you do. people still need to hear the gospel! there was a time when i was foolish to think who hasn’t heard the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. and the Lord opened my eyes and my heart to a whole generation who had not heard of him. One of them reminded me faithfully that everyone needs to hear the gospel. everyone. the grace and peace from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all, Amen

  10. Sam says:

    Palestine is really beautiful!!