Places … Camera … Action!

By Greg Matthews and Ann Marie Chilton   •   June 24, 2008

Last week, filming for the final scenes of the My Hope Brazil program began at 4 a.m., when the TV crew rose to beat traffic in the country’s capital of Sao Paulo, one of the most populous cities in the world.

The grey sky warned of rain, but the crew carried on and drove two hours to the seaside community of São Lourenço where they planned to film a music video from rocks bordering the South Atlantic Ocean.

While tall lights, a large camera, sound equipment, and powerful generators were set up for the shoot, the crew watched anxiously as light rain began to fall.

A thin layer of clouds covered the sun, but then the rain diminished. The blue sky was clear.

“Lugares … câmera … ação!” (Portuguese for “Places … camera … action!”) The director commanded the crews.

The setting was perfect, and the baritone voice of well-known Brazilian artist Paulo Baruk rose above the sound of crashing waves, singing a song called “Perhaps Today.” This music video for the My Hope Brazil program captures the story of the Prodigal Son from Jesus’ parable, recorded in Luke chapter 15. The song tells the story of a father who is longing for his son to return home to him.

In the story, the father watches every day for his son, his eyes scanning the horizon for any sign that his beloved child will choose to come home. It is a description of God’s great love and forgiveness toward people who have rebelled against Him or walked away from faith.

Brazil has a population of more than 185 million.

My Hope is a ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. The “Perhaps Today” music video will accompany a Franklin Graham sermon about the Prodigal Son that is part of the three-night My Hope Brazil broadcast. In November 2008, the program will air on primetime TV throughout this South American country of more than 185 million people.

At present, more than 53,000 Brazilian churches from more than 52 denominations have committed to participate in My Hope Brazil. Pastors from these churches are receiving training that they will pass on to their congregations.

The training prepares Christians for Matthew and Friends, and the concept is simple: Just like Matthew invited his friends to his home so they could meet Jesus, Christians will invite their unsaved friends, neighbors and family to eat and watch the My Hope Brazil broadcast with them in their homes.

After the program, Matthew hosts will share a brief testimony and invite their guests to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ.

Since 2002, My Hope has transmitted evangelistic TV programs throughout more than 40 countries with the support and participation of hundreds of thousands of churches. My Hope‘s special programs feature culturally appropriate testimonies and music in each country’s native languages.

Just last year, My Hope showed evangelistic programs on prime time TV throughout Uruguay, with more than 14,000 Matthew and Friends homes participating. As a result, more than 33,000 people devoted their lives to Jesus Christ. Watch a video from My Hope Uruguay »

And many believers who were involved in the recent Franklin Graham Festival of Hope in Villahermosa, Mexico, became Christians through My Hope Mexico in 2006! Watch a video of changed lives from My Hope Mexico »

Through My Hope, more than 9 million people worldwide have surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ.

Brazilian church leaders are working and praying so that more than one million Christian homes can participate in My Hope Brazil using the Matthew and Friends strategy in November. And for people in Brazil who are praying for a lost friend or family member, their hope is that perhaps this year, perhaps during My Hope Brazil, their lost loved ones will come home to the heavenly Father.

Will you please pray for the My Hope Brazil outreach as churches and Christians prepare to share the hope of Jesus Christ with this populous nation?


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