Living Water on the Lakefront

By   •   August 19, 2011

One Milwaukee pastor believes the location for this weekend’s Rock the Lakes event was handpicked by God. In a city where segregation persists, Veterans Park serves as a central meeting place that draws people from all walks of life, said Pastor Terrance R. Moore. “Large groups from different parts of society come there to enjoy the water. You have the Living Water and you have the natural water, so you bring that together and God is going to do a great thing.”

As the pastor of Kairos International Christian Church, Moore has encouraged his congregation to volunteer as counselors at Rock the Lakes. “We are very community driven, so when we see an event like this, we definitely want to be part of it. We’re not a silo; we’re a community of believers—His church.”

Moore emphasized that the motivation for pastors who are participating in Rock the Lakes is not about filling up their own churches. “It’s about bringing people to Christ. If the new believers later want to go to this church or the one down the street or one across the county, that is fine. Let’s get them to a place where they can be discipled and grow in God’s Word. That’s the important thing.”

Discipleship is something near and dear to Moore’s heart. When he got married, he and his wife joined together with a nondenominational, charismatic pastor who, he said, really lit his flame for discipleship and evangelism.

“I began to see God do some great things in people once they received Christ,” said Moore. “But I had to teach them their problems would not disappear the instant they received Christ. The path of Christ is a process. You have to deal with these things over time.”

When Moore saw people change, he said it was “just phenomenal. But it was even more exciting to watch them realize on their own what Christ has done for them. They tried and failed so many times, over and over again. Then they recognized He had changed their lives.”

In his role on the Rock the Lakes follow-up committee, Moore will spend happy days connecting new believers to Milwaukee churches. With just hours left before the first event, his anticipation is building. “I am really excited because Rock the Lakes is family oriented. There is a children’s event. There is a youth and young adult section, and then there is a day for the adults and the whole family. It appeals to all generations and each section of the family is receiving it.”

When you see that kind of system in place, said Moore, it is very effective. “The way God set this system up through the BGEA, it’s sure to really affect the family. So many families are broken, with all kinds of divisive situations going on in their lives. It’s not just economics. Economics is only part of the issue.”

“If the whole family hears and receives the Gospel,” Moore added, “it’s going to be fantastic. My expectation is extremely high and if my expectations are that way, that means God is going to exceed them.”

Watch as Franklin Graham shares the Gospel at Rock the Lakes. Log on to on Saturday, Aug. 20, from 5 to 10:30 p.m. (ET), 4 to 9:30 p.m. in Milwaukee. Watch on Sunday, Aug. 21, 5 to 8:30 p.m. (ET), 4 to 7:30 p.m. in Milwaukee.

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