Liberia’s Children Give Their Hearts to Jesus

By   •   March 26, 2011

Some walked for close to an hour. Others waited patiently for specially designated buses to pick them up. All agreed it was worth the wait. Children of all ages poured into Samuel Doe Stadium this morning to laugh with the clowns, dance to the music, and learn about the love of Jesus Christ.

More than 31,000 children arrived under the bright Liberian sun, so many that the crowd flowed over into the parking lot. By the end of the morning, thousands had given their lives to Jesus.

Following up on a drama that depicted how little hearts can be torn into shreds by cruel school mates and family pain, evangelist R.V. Brown told the children that the most important thing they could ever do was give their hearts to Jesus.

“You may have had your heart ripped apart before,” said Brown, “but Jesus will love you. He will not destroy your heart. One of the best things you can do is to give your heart to Jesus.”

Brown talked about Josiah, in the book of 2 Chronicles, who became a king at the age of 8. At 12, Josiah began seeking after God. “You can be like Josiah,” said Brown. “You can be the generation to bring Liberia back to Jesus.”

He also spoke of growing up with 16 brothers and sisters. “Even though we were poor and I had nothing,” said Brown, “I had the confidence to go to college because of Jesus Christ who I asked into my heart 34 years ago.”

Before inviting the children to pray for salvation, Brown encouraged them with Romans 8:31 — If God is for you, no one can be against you. “In this audience could be the next president of Liberia,” he said. “You can help your nation overcome any obstacles. You can be the generation that’s going to take Liberia back to the cross.”

Angels in heaven must have rejoiced as seemingly a thousand children streamed forward to accept Jesus. Franklin Graham said as he looked over the crowd, “Liberia has just come out of civil war —20 years of bitter fighting. But there has been another battle in Liberia, a spiritual battle for the souls of young people.

“Today we see a great victory as so many children have committed their lives to Jesus Christ,” Graham added.

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