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For my education I attended classes at the home of Rani, a woman who teaches academic subjects to young people in her neighborhood. She also teaches about the Lord Jesus. As I learned from Rani, I started believing in Jesus in a general way, but I was not fully aware of who He is. With Rani’s guidance I began to read the Bible, and I had the desire to know more about Jesus.

Then one day I heard that people could go to Rani’s home to watch a [TV] program… The program was part of the My Hope Project, and it was called “Asha the Boat.” The program tells the story of a boy who loses his father during a great storm. His mother struggles hard for their livelihood, depending completely on God.

As I watched the program, I could relate the story to my family’s struggles. My parents are uneducated and make their living from day to day, and in 1998 I had an accident in which I fractured my left leg. I decided that I did not want to be without a heavenly Father as the small boy in the program was without his father, because I needed God to lift me up in such troubles.

The program was an eye-opener to me. After watching it and hearing Rani tell her own testimony, several of us committed our lives to Christ.

Through watching the My Hope program I have come to know [Jesus]. The Lord Jesus …died on the cross of Calvary, shedding His blood for my shameful sins. He has given me happiness and the hope of eternal life. I have felt that hope and the change in me.

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