God Continues to Work in New Jersey Flooding

By   •   March 28, 2011

Crisis-trained chaplains continue to comfort, counsel and pray for those families who lost their homes in the New Jersey floods two weeks ago.

Here are three stories from this past week:

Not Alone Anymore

A flooded trailer was nothing new for Sally.

But her husband had always been around to clean up the mess.

Three months ago, he died suddenly of a heart attack. Two weeks ago, Sally, her teenage son and their two cats had to leave their older mobile home quickly because water was rising quickly.

When they returned, their home was a mess, suffering serious flooding. And now, no one to help clean it up.

Two Rapid Response Team chaplains visited and talked with Sally about her situation. They shared how God has a plan for her life, to give her peace and hope.

Sally listened to the plan of Salvation and prayed to receive Jesus into her heart and the chaplains gave Sally a Bible and appropriate BGEA literature.

Days later, a group of volunteers from Samaritan’s Purse cleaned out Sally’s mobile home and the chaplains are in the process of connecting with Sally’s son, who has been troubled by his father’s passing.

A Struggle Harder than the Flood

Cathy knows the drill.

The floors had all been replaced just a year ago.

Another flood. Another floor. Only this time it’s different.

One of those floors belonged to Cathy’s 30-year-old son, who about two months earlier was found dead in the house, taking his own life.

Cathy had left his room, just as it was, with the childhood mementos, including photos, diplomas and certificates displayed at his funeral.

So it was no wonder when Cathy somberly opened the door when the Samaritan’s Purse crew came to pull up the floor and trim boards that had warped from the flood.

Two Rapid Response Team chaplains visited with Cathy as the floor was being worked on and Cathy talked about how her son was a Christian and she knew he was in Heaven with Jesus, but she still missed him a lot. She also confirmed she knew Christ as her Savior.

The chaplains prayed for Cathy, gave her BGEA literature, and returned to encourage and pray with her some more.

Cathy expressed her gratitude for the chaplains’ ministry to her and a local church has agreed to follow up to help encourage Cathy.

Dialysis Patient, 29, Accepts Christ

Carrie simply went to a church distribution center to get some food.

The church she visited happened to be the host church in Wayne, where the Samaritan’s Purse Disaster Relief Team and the Rapid Response Team chaplains are being housed.

Two of the chaplains met Carrie at the church and asked if she had any prayer needs. Her daughter, Carrie said, needed prayer because she was on dialysis.

The chaplains offered to pray with Carrie and they walked her to her car, after she got some food. Carrie’s two daughters, Mary, 29, and Louis, 21, were waiting inside the car.

Mary had a pancreas transplant several years ago, because of severe diabetes. The transplant worked great for providing her with insulin, but some of the drugs to help with the transplant destroyed her kidney and now she’s on a waiting list for a kidney transplant.

As the visit turned to spiritual matters, all three asked for prayer. Louis told the chaplains she had received Christ four months ago. Carrie had also previously received Jesus as her savior, but Mary had not.

All three listened to “Steps to Peace with God” and Mary asked to Lord Jesus into her heart.

All three received a bible with a special note attached to Mary’s bible: “On the day you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior!”

Note: The names in these stories have been changed.

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