Franklin Graham: Urgent Prayer Request for Pastor Saeed and Family

By   •   May 20, 2014

Franklin Graham is asking people to urgently pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini: "This morning I received an email from Naghmeh Abedini advising that Saeed’s situation is deteriorating. He has been brutally beaten, removed from the hospital, and taken back to Rajai Shahr Prison."

Franklin Graham is asking for a renewed prayer effort for American Pastor Saeed Abedini, whose condition has deteriorated in Iran, according to his wife, Naghmeh Abedini.

“Saeed is not doing well,” Naghmeh wrote on her Facebook page. “He collapsed at the hospital after severe beating.”

According to a story on the American Center for Law and Justice website, Saeed, 34, was “removed from the hospital and taken back to Rajai Shahr Prison.

“The transfer came without any advance notice and family members in Iran confirmed that he was severely beaten at the hospital and then forcibly returned to prison.”

The story quotes Naghmeh Abedini: “This is an extremely disappointing development—one that breaks my heart. Our family is deeply saddened and we continue to pray for Saeed—for his safety and his release. We are very grateful that so many people around the world continue to pray for Saeed.”

“When Pastor Saeed was transferred to the hospital in March,” the ACLJ story continued, “he was initially shackled by guards who lashed out violently against him. He was also denied medical treatment at that time and family members were prohibited from seeing him.

“Since then and in the weeks that followed, Pastor Saeed’s situation at the hospital improved. Family members were permitted to visit with him frequently and he was provided with nutritional meals.”

Franklin Graham has been vocal in his support for the Abedini family, asking Christians to pray for Saeed and sign a petition for his release.  Billy Graham wrote a letter on Sept. 23, 2013, to Iran President Hassan Rouhani, urging him to release Saeed from imprisonment.

Naghmeh Abedini visited the BGEA headquarters in Charlotte, N.C., in March and talked about the “depths of pain” she has endured since Saeed’s detainment in the summer of 2012. She also shared her story with local pastors and asked for prayers.

On Tuesday, she petitioned on Facebook for prayers for her husband: “Without Jesus and your prayers I could not continue. Please keep Saeed and our family in your prayers.”

Watch the Naghmeh Abedini Fox News Interview

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  1. Kelly says:

    May God cover Saeed and his family. Let no weapon formed against them prosper. In the name of Jesus.

  2. Angela says:

    May Gods miracle working hands touch this family and his arms wrap around them and comfort them in their time of trouble. Be strong in the Lord and never give up hope.

  3. Joel Vergis says:

    Let the presence of the Lord descend in the prison where pastor Saeed is locked as we continue to pray for him. Our God will work wonders for His children. Do not be afraid neither be discouraged. Our God is in control.

  4. troy says:

    I pray that God will send Angels to encamped around you, He said the Angels of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him, my brother I know that you fear God, contuine to pray in your cell, if God doesn’t want them to hurt you He will stop them either God save them or kill them. Don’t stop praying, don’t loose faith even when you’re weak say you’re strong and believe God for a Miracle. He shut the mouth of the Lion for Daniel he will do the same for you pastor Saeed. We are praying.

  5. marilyn says:

    Praying the blood of Jesus in his cell, angels protect him and provide a way out. Thank you Father

  6. Megan says:

    The Abedini family are in our prayers.

  7. Barbara Cogburn says:

    We are very concerned for this wonderful man of faith. We pray that he can stay strong. I will try to get as many members of my church to write letters as possible.

  8. Jason Waweru says:

    We as Christians need to wake up and cease not to pray. Let us not allow Satan to operate the way he desire. Prayer moves mountain. Paul and Silas prayed until the tightly fastened cell broke loose. Pastor Abedini will be released in Jesus name.

  9. Stephen D. Bisagni says:

    Our prayers are with you. I believe that Jesus is being lifted higher and higher by your husband’s faithful witness and we know that “..when I am lifted up I will draw all men unto Me…”
    I pray you will be together again soon. God Bless you all, Steve.

  10. Ralph Saultz says:

    Dear Mrs. Nagmeh A. : My prayers for your strength, pastor Saeed’s health & freedom, and your two children’s welfare continue.