“In [Jesus’] name the nations will put their hope.”

–Matthew 12:21, NIV

If you live in the typical American community—with average neighbors—here’s the reality: 7 of your neighbors struggle with depression, even contemplating suicide; 7 abuse or are addicted to drugs or alcohol; 8 are struggling with unemployment; and 60 don’t profess to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.

The picture is bleak, but there is hope. Jesus Christ can transform lives that are burdened with fear, insecurity, uncertainty, and pain and offer joy and peace, now and for all eternity. By signing this declaration, you stand with Billy Graham in proclaiming that our nation needs this Good News.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Christians across the U.S. and Canada have joined together for My Hope with Billy Graham, a massive outreach with local churches, to proclaim the Gospel. Submit the form on the right, and we’ll send you updates on this outreach and other ways we are sharing the lifesaving message of Jesus Christ.

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  • I will join you in declaring, “I have hope for America because of Jesus Christ.”