Deploying to Hurricane Sandy

By   •   November 1, 2012

Mounds of books were available for those with plenty of time on their hands.
Some of the goods that were volunteered to the evacuation shelter.
The Grabowskis listen to the needs of Jersey Shore residents.
Praying for comfort and peace in Toms River, N.J.
Barb and Leo Grabowski present a Bible to a man after he committed his life to the Lord.
Leo Grabowski hugs a man who accepted Christ into his life following Hurricane Sandy.
Rapid Response chaplains Barb and Leo Grabowski pray with a suddenly homeless woman in a Toms River, N.J., evacuation shelter after Hurricane Sandy.
The Rapid Response Team, deploying alongside Samaritan's Purse, arrived in Linwood, N.J., one of three teams helping Hurricane Sandy storm victims.
A huge hole in this home attracted many onlookers who snapped photos with cameras and cell phones.
More sand dunes create a barrier to get through certain roads.
Bob Tefft, of Michigan, shares his heart for ministering to those hurting for true hope.
Chaplain coordinator Judy Tefft talks about why chaplains are deploying to New Jersey.
Garbage of all sorts and sizes ended up on 52nd street, where one resident found his three garbage cans, blocks away from his house.
Only a few stilts remain from a boardwalk near 59th street, which was an area staple. "People would go there to get their picture taken for prom, for weddings," one resident said. "It was a landmark."
Remnants of Sandy's aftermath in Ocean City.
Another gas grill bites the dust. Or sand in this case.
Leo and Barb Grabowski feel blessed to be able to serve as Rapid Response Team chaplain coordinators.
The Rapid Response Team caravan en route to New Jersey to provide emotional and spiritual care to Hurricane Sandy survivors.
More flooding as some roads remained impassable.
A gas grill sits in the middle of the road. Nobody was grilling, or doing much of anything for that matter on Wednesday, as Ocean City was a ghost town.
Six-foot sand mounds are a common sight in Ocean City, the remains of a powerful storm surge that came through the New Jersey coast.
Barely standing, this ocean home survived by a thread. "It was 8:15 and dark out when it came through," one Ocean City resident said. "It was pretty eerie."
The Rapid Response Team chaplains deployed to three New Jersey areas, north, central and south, as they deploy to share the love and hope of Christ to those who are in need.
Safe to say most of the news is flooded with Hurricane Sandy aftermath in Ocean City, N.J.
An uprooted tree, with Ocean City, N.J., to the left and Atlantic City in the backdrop, lies still on the beach as a reminder of the historic Hurricane Sandy.

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