Billy Graham: Pastor to the Presidents

By   •   February 17, 2014

Graham and Pres Truman
Billy Graham with President Harry Truman
Billy and Eisenhower
Billy Graham with President Dwight D. Eisenhower
Billy and JFK
Billy Graham and President John F. Kennedy
BG and JFK
Billy Graham and President John F. Kennedy
national prayer breakfast
Billy Graham speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast in February 1963
BG and LBJ
Billy Graham with President Lyndon B. Johnson
BG and Richard Nixon
Billy Graham and President Richard Nixon
BG and President Ford
Billy Graham with President Gerald Ford
Golf with President Ford
Billy Graham joined President Ford for a round of golf at a pro-am tournament in Charlotte, N.C., in 1974.
BG and Jimmy Carter
Billy Graham with President Jimmy Carter
Billy Graham with Reagans
Billy Graham with President and Nancy Reagan
receiving presidential medal
President Ronald Reagan presenting Billy Graham with the Presidential Medal of Freedom
BG and George Bush
Billy Graham and George H.W. Bush
Billy fishing with George HW Bush
Billy Graham fishing with President George H.W. Bush off the coast of Maine
Billy Graham and Bill Clinton
President Bill Clinton with Billy Graham
oval office
Billy Graham and President Bill Clinton in the Oval Office
BG with Laura and George W
Billy Graham with President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush
presidents at Library dedication bush clinton carter
Franklin Graham, Billy Graham, President George H.W. Bush, President Jimmy Carter and President Bill Clinton at the dedication of the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, N.C.
The Billy Graham Library was created to be an "ongoing Crusade" that points people to the cross.
The Billy Graham Library was created to be an "ongoing Crusade" that points people to the cross.
BG Library dedication
Dedication of the Billy Graham Library
Billy Graham speaks as three presidents look on.
Billy Graham speaks as three presidents look on.
praying presidents library dedication
Presidents praying at the dedication of the Billy Graham Library
Dallas Crusade Pres Bush
President George H.W. Bush and Billy Graham at a Crusade in Dallas, Texas, in October 2002
Bush booksigning
Billy Graham with President George W. Bush, Franklin Graham and Laura Bush at a book signing inside the Billy Graham Library
Billy, Franklin and Pres Obama
President Barack Obama with Billy Graham and his son, Franklin Graham, in Billy Graham's Montreat, N.C., home

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  1. pastor Robert -Kenya says:

    Billy Graham greatly inspires, encourages and motivate me!

  2. Frances Meyer says:

    To God be the glory, and thanks to Billy Graham and his family and associates for sharing Gods word and his plan for all human beings. We are to be his servants in all things we do. Love God and other people is his most demanding order to each of us.

  3. Mary Van den Ancker says:

    Thank you Billy Graham for your faithfulness to our Lord and leading so many people to Christ.

  4. Deborah Robinson says:

    Beautiful, thank you

  5. Sandy Jewell says:

    I grew up listening to Rev Billy Graham so he was always an important part of my life! I thank God for spiritual men like him as he is simply ‘the best’. We have been privileged to have him in our lives! May God continue to richly bless him!

  6. nida says:

    It’s very inspiring to see Rev.Billy Graham preaching the Word of God up to this time of his age. And also produced generations of Pastors from children to grandchildren. may God continue to bless your family.

  7. Mary says:

    I will see you in Paradise Dr. Billy Graham!

  8. mwai symon says:

    Thank you servant of The Almighty God for the mentorship. I have always hoped that one day I will meet you and receive a blessing from you by laying hands on me.God is faithful.

  9. Benny F. Woods says:

    Rev. Dr. Billy Graham’s preaching has been a blessing to me over the years. I have been a pastor for over forty years and have quoted Dr. Graham many times in my sermons. One of my favorite phrases from his preaching is, “The Bible says…”

  10. Judy Nelon says:

    Praising God for a faithful servant such as BILLY GRAHAM that has been honored around the world.