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It is small wonder . . . the Bible has always been the world’s best-seller! No other book can touch its profound wisdom, its poetic beauty, or the accuracy of its history and prophecy. Its critics who claimed it to be filled with forgery, fiction, and unfulfilled promises are finding that the difficulties lie with themselves, and not the Bible. Greater and more careful scholarship has shown that apparent contradictions were caused by incorrect translations, rather than divine inconsistencies. It was man and not the Bible that needed correcting. And yet—in many homes and among so-called educated people—it has become fashionable to joke about the Bible and to regard it more as a dust-catcher than as the living Word of God. . . . Too many families have used the Bible as a safe storage place for old letters and pressed flowers, and have overlooked entirely the help and assurance that God intended this Book to give them.

Prayer for the day

Almighty God, I praise You for the authority of Your Word, which speaks to me of my redemption, life as it should be lived, peace and eternal life with You.

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  1. Solomon says:

    Pls, do send me your daily devotional articles into my inbox, thanks & be blessed

    1. Joy Allmond says:

      Solomon, the daily devotions can be accessed at this link: http://billygraham.org/devotions/.

      We do have a weekly email devotional from Decision magazine you can receive. Go here to sign up: http://billygraham.org/subscriptions/

  2. Tariska O. Burrell says:

    I Thank the Lord for you. Following my grandmother, I have been following you all for a long time. I pray that all is well with you and your family and ministry. Thank you for continuing to share the Gospel with those that need to hear it and challenging those of us that know the Messiah personally. May the Lord continue to bless you…

  3. Jason says:

    Christ is LORD

  4. Evelyn Torrence says:

    Thank the Lord for you. Please pray for me and my family that God would strengthen our household.

  5. Mark says:

    Thank you for your wisdom.
    I have been following Billy Graham for many years although I grew up going to a Catholic church as a child so that I could visit my grandmother. Words cannot express what it is like to know who Jesus is. Thank you for including my family and myself in your newsletters. May I have time to open as many as I can. I also give thanks to the fact that my mother gave me a biblical name (Mark).

  6. Tim Wessman says:

    I appreciate the life Billy Graham led, as well as these devotionals.

  7. mang haokip says:

    Amen. Praise the Lord