Why We Have the Bible

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God caused the Bible to be written for the express purpose of revealing to us God’s plan for His redemption. God caused the Book to be written that He might make His everlasting laws clear to His children, and that they might have His great wisdom to guide them, and His great love to comfort them as they make their way through life. For without the Bible this world would indeed be a dark and frightening place, without signpost or beacon. The Bible easily qualifies as the only book in which God’s revelation is contained.

There are many bibles of different religions; there is the Mohammedan Koran, the Buddhist Canon of Sacred Scripture, the Zoroastrian Zend-Avesta, and the Brahman Veda . . . They all begin with some flashes of true light, and end in utter darkness. Even the most casual observer soon discovers that the Bible is radically different. It is the only Book that offers redemption to us and points the way out of our dilemma.

Prayer for the day

Lord Jesus, as I read Your Word, Your truth shines through and illuminates a dark world.

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  1. sandra martinez says:

    GOD bless you always!

  2. linda mcmillan says:

    i belive in god and the bible it is are salvation , thank you god

  3. semere sesso says:

    I like the topics and messages you provide for us. May God bless you richly.

  4. Phil Pennington says:

    Yes, The Bible is truly unique among all books. Although it contains eternal secrets, it also reveals the nature and character of an incredible God who is definition of love. It is inspirational in content and is a true textbook of how life was intended to be lived and although penned by men, it was designed by God for the benefit of mankind and all His glorious creation. It is a privilege to read it every day and each day a new truth is revealed. No other book offers this.

  5. mhonbemo says:

    Thank you Lord Jesus for the Bible. Your word shines…

  6. Petrus Hadrianus Hutauruk says:


  7. Russell Thacker says:

    To believe is to live life in the kingdom…

  8. mayra says:

    How to forgive and forget with a true heart, how do we begin to mend ourselves and to let go of all the sorrow we carry since we can remember

  9. nancy brady says:

    Next to The Trinity, I love Mr Biily Graham

  10. Joyce Lloyd says:

    I just want to say, thank you Lord Jesus for loving all of us so, that you came to this earth to walk among us for 33yrs. to teach us your ways and share why you were here, you shared with your decip. what the truth was and what it took for us to have salvation through you and what we had to do to be saved. Jesus you came to die on that cruel cross for me and all those who would repent of their sins and take up the cross and walk with you. This is the only way that we will be with you when our time here on earth is done. Thank you.