Where is Your Hope?

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What are you placing your hope in for the future? Your country’s government, educational system, some plan or organization? My hope is in a Person, the Lord Jesus Christ, who sits at the right hand of God. I have hope and know that I’m going to heaven. And, right here and now in this present life, I have God’s presence to help me.

Suppose we had no Bible. Suppose there were no cross, no salvation, no empty tomb. Suppose we had nothing to hang on except, “Do your best, try to patch it up, do what you can.” Oh, but we have a hope. There is a plan of redemption, a plan for the future. The New Testament is an exciting Book to read, it is so full of hope and expectancy. And God is interested in you!

Prayer for the day

Reading Your Word, my heavenly Father, makes me realize that the world and all its heartaches are so transitory. Inspire me to reach others with Your message of hope.

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  1. Can G O Isijola says:

    No doubt,there’s nothing more sweet,more joyful n more saving 4 man than to put our hope n trust in Jesus,n Jesus alone.

  2. Betsy Bryan-Tinsley says:

    What an awesome and humbling thought…..Jesus, our savior, who sits at the right hand of God.

  3. Stephen Hall says:

    Dear Lord, I pray and place my Hope in You and Your Son Jesus’ return. I hope for peace for all, and pray for my beautiful Moma, who has suffered so. Please heal her and give her some relief from the pain. I know this is partly a selfish prayer and hope, please ease her agony. Please bless this ministry and the messages of hope it provides.

  4. Nnanje Albert says:

    I would love posts from this site.