What Heaven Will Be Like

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The Bible indicates that heaven will be a place of great understanding and knowledge of things that we never learned down here. Sir Isaac Newton, when an old man, said to one who praised his wisdom, “I am as a child on the seashore picking up a pebble here and a shell there, but the great ocean of truth still lies before me.” And Thomas Edison once said, “I do not know one millionth part of one percent about anything.” Many of the mysteries of God-the heartaches, trials, disappointments, tragedies, and the silence of God in the midst of suffering-will be revealed in heaven.

Prayer for the day

All the questions will be answered, loving Father, when I take my place in heaven to praise You.

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  1. august says:

    ..so much blessed!

  2. Naomi poe says:

    Thank you for spreading the word all these years.

  3. Shirley Crabtree says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful it Christ returned in our lifetime!

  4. Vivian Sanders says:

    I hope and pray that when I die that GOD well reveal why I had to go on here without my son and family. Hardest thing I have ever had to do.

    1. the help you prayed for says:

      Hold on. God is here for you. Do not doubt Him

  5. Della D'Rosario says:

    Man of God Billy Graham – You have been faithful to God’s calling on your life! God bless you, your family and generations to come. You will reap eternal rewards for touching the lives of many with God’s Word.

  6. King Johnson says:

    Dr. Billy Graham, King Billy Graham, a man who has brought more people to be saved and delievered and reborn and inducted into God’s family than anyone else in history!-) May God Bless You and keep you throughout all of this lifetime and even into eternity, for we all who love God can truly like the song says I can Only Imagine!-) #HallelujahToTheKing

  7. m says:

    Protect us Lord and Thank you

  8. Beverly Webb says:

    I can’t imagine this world without Billy Graham. He is such a Man of God. And someone I would feel privilaged to meet.

    1. Edith says:

      I would LOVE to meet Billy Graham! <3

    2. Ken Wiens says:

      Imagine all those who felt they could not imagine the world without the Apostle Paul, those who came to a saving knowledge of Our Lord and Savior through his direct ministry. The Apostle Paul, Peter, James and the others passed on. The Lord through His Holy Spirit brought up other men to do His work until His Return. Let us be thankful for all them, including Billy Graham.

  9. Jack Woltz says says:

    Yes if we only we knew, What HEAVEN is like, We would start making plans, As I have heard some people say, But please do not loose the point, Those of us as BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS, Children of GOD, With our names written in the LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE, Yes this Is GODS SECRETE, And once we get There, It will be more than we could ever IMAGINE, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, GOD BLESS ALL.

  10. hiwot says:

    God bless you all of