The Struggles of Life

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Man standing alone in field

All life is a struggle—that is the nature of things. Even within our physical bodies, doctors tell us, a conflict for supremacy is going on. The bacteria in our bloodstream are waging a constant war against alien germs. The red corpuscles fight the white corpuscles constantly in an effort to maintain life within the body. A battle is also raging in the spiritual realm. “We fight,” the Bible says, “against the rulers of the darkness of this world.” Darkness hates light. I have a dog that would rather dig up a moldy carcass to chew on than to have the finest, cleanest meal. He can’t help it—that is his nature. Men cannot help that it is their nature to respond to the lewd, the salacious, and the vile. They will have difficulty doing otherwise until they are born again. And until they are changed by the power of Christ, they will likely be at enmity against those who are associated with Christ.

Prayer for the day

When I consider the work of Jesus on this earth—which led to His supreme sacrifice—I pray all my labor this day will glorify You, my beloved Savior.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Lord, Your word says to pray for our enemies. Matthew 18:19 says if two or more agree touching anything in Earth, it will be done. I am choosing to believe by faith that if someone on this sure will agree with me on prayer today, that my ex husband, the father of my children will be saved and harm us no more by intention. I also pray that You would not allow him to be used to hurt us anymore, on any level. He is and was to be a protector and provider, never all of this abuse. Please show him that the mind games, manipulation, sabatoge and division he tries to get away with is not okay, and please God be so merciful to draw a very clear, distinctive line in the sand that lets him know that You will not stand for it. Not one more day.

  2. don robinson says:

    praying for my very sick child

  3. Gerald says:

    I have not been a loving husband and selfless to my wife, as I haven’t cherished her as a man of God should do. I also grew resentful for her shortcomings, and had sex outside our marriage. I have found God and work in progress, and I am developing my faith. Please pray my wife can forgive me, and join me in building a marriage with God as our foundation. Pray for the healing in our family. God Bless and thank you. Gerald

  4. Christopher hardy says:

    May The Lord continue to bless your ministry. <

  5. Gaurav Gill says:

    So true it is!

  6. Pamela Stone says:

    My husband has fallen victim to the darkness. Please pray that some how God is able to reach him before he distroy our family. Thank you

    1. Laura says:

      Father in heaven, I lift up Pamela’s husband to you. He has turned from you and I ask you to open his eyes so he can see the error of his ways and repent and be healed. Please be with Pamela and the entire family. Give them peace in their hearts, knowing that you are a Father who is watching over them and love them. Give them strength and patience during these trials and place a hedge around her and the children, protecting them from evil. I pray this is Jesus Holy name.
      With love,
      Laura <3

    2. njiangong says:


  7. Bernice Carrasco says:

    Prayer request for peace and comfort. My oldest of two sons, age 32, past away June 30, 2014 unexpectedly. We are devastated…his only brother, 25, is struggling with this tremendous loss. Please keep us in prayer…grieving is a painful journey…our lives forever changed. Thank you.

    1. Laura says:

      Lord, I lift up Bernice , her son, and their entire family. Father, you know the pain of losing a son to death and I pray you comfort Bernice and her family during this trial. Give them peace and joy in their process of grieving. Let them know you are carrying them all while they cannot take another step. Set eternity in their hearts and comfort in knowing that you work to the good all thing for those who love you and are called according to your purpose. Bring glory to your name in their suffer and assure them that they are not alone nor ever abandoned. Help them to rest in you. In Jesus Holy name we pray.
      With Love,
      Laura <3

  8. Gerry says:

    The battle of good verses evil will continue until Christ returns. We must be prepared daily for satans cunning ways . He never rests. Ask God for the strength …..he is faithful to give it.

  9. Joyce Paul says:

    Pray that GOD will inspire our understanding and help us to get to the heart of HIS Word.God Bless you
    Dr Graham,Franklin Graham, Will Graham! Amen.