The Cleansing Power of Christ

By   •   February 6


To have a guilty conscience is an experience. Psychologists may define it as a guilt complex and may seek to rationalize away the sense of guilt; but once this has been awakened through the application of the law of God, no explanation will quiet the insistent voice of conscience. Many a criminal has finally given himself over to the authorities because the accusations of a guilty conscience were worse than prison bars. The Bible teaches that Christ cleanses the conscience. To have a guilty conscience cleansed and to be free from its constant accusation is an experience, but it is not the cleansing of the conscience that saves you; it is faith in Christ that saves, and a cleansed conscience is the result of having come into the right relationship with God.

Prayer for the day

I stand in awe of the magnitude of Your forgiveness, Father.

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  1. Jacob David okechukwu says:

    Thanks alot, Billy Graham. I love your devotions. I ask that God grant for us; his will, to follow him throughout our life time… I want God to give to me; the power to serve him as expected in all ramifications…

  2. Kim says:

    I am asking prayer for myself, I really haven’t read my Bible very distant from God,the devil has Been attacking me in every which way in every part in my life, ,

  3. Rick Wilson says:

    Could it be that your conscience convicts YOU now? Blessed by the Holy Spirit, I come before YOU now with the Truth of YHWH God and His only begotten Son. Do YOU choose at this time to ban these messages?

  4. Dorothy Smith says:

    “The truth shall set you free”.

  5. Rick Bergener says:

    Thank you Billy Graham for this devotion I needed to see this.
    The Cleansing Power Of Christ I know that Jesus Christ forgiveness is there for us all.
    I know that these chains of guilt have been broken no more! I serve the King of King’s and Lord of Lords

  6. Laura Speer says:

    Today I surrender all the guilt of my life to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I will no longer carry it with me. I praise God for His servant, The Reverend Billy Graham for showing me that I do not have to carry these burdens with me from this day forward. I accept God forgiveness and desires for my life.

  7. Peter Giger says:

    I am coming into the faith, knowledgeable that only with “faith enduring until the End” can we be saved. In my complicated and compromised bio it’s difficult for me to think of forgiveness without the miraculous intervention of Almighty God. I look to God through Jesus for alternatives to wrong doing but they are hard to come by sometimes. Thanks for your inspiring tract.

  8. sue says:

    It was from reading one of Billy Graham’s books that I was able to open myself to forgiveness through Christ. Before that book, I thought I had to earn my way to heaven and I knew I wasn’t doing it.