The Beginning of Wisdom

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I believe we ought to get all the education we can, but we dare not make it our god. John Dewey once defined education as the systematic, purposeful reconstruction of experience; but so much of modern education leaves out God. What we are actually doing is reconstructing our sins. We expand our sins, enlarge them, multiply them. We need education, but not just for the mind and the body; we also need education for the spirit. Man has a spirit, and in our educational system today we need a spiritual emphasis. If we bring up a generation that lacks the wisdom that God can give, they can turn into educated savages and fools. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” and education. Let’s make sure our rock is God.

Prayer for the day

Almighty God, I am grateful to You that Your Word educates my spirit and makes me whole.

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  1. Ella Taylor says:

    Thank you for sending me ministry updates.

  2. Ronald L. Collins says:

    I’m 67 years old left High school in 1965, when in the Navy 4 years, That’s when this Nation really started to make a big culture change, it was already going on in very liberal colleges, like Berkley, Columbia, and the University of Chicago, many young people left home with little spiritual grounding and Patriotism the Vietnam War the influx of drugs, and a lot of rebellion about morality, drugs, disrespect for our Christian values, and many college campuses was a place for this to really grow, The Kent State disaster one just the tip of the ice berg, it has steadily gotten worst over the years, this has been made worst by the fact that church attendance is way down in America, and the fact, that the Gospel message is compromised!

  3. Mrs. Margaret Mary Welz says:


    Dear Rev. Graham,
    Good Morning. Jesus loves you. Thank you for this daily devotional. I like it.
    Yes. KNOWLEDGE PUFFS UP. Knowledge without godly wisdom is of little value. Obedience is better than sacrifice too. It is better to be so close to God, who will keep us out of trouble. Pride comes before a fall and knowledge puffs up. The fear of THE LORD is the beginning of WISDOM. That is always a safe start in our pursuit of God’s will for our daily life.
    Stuff happens, life happens and people are more fragile than we know. God knows. I believe as we spend quality time in God’s quiet presence and drinking from His Cup, we better know exactly what to do.

  4. laugh;in says:

    Help my family Lord

  5. Audrey says:

    Thank you Lord for educating me in spirit and in truth..Glory be to your
    precious name!!!

  6. Audrey says:

    Thank you Lord for educating me in spirit and in truth……. Gloryy be to your precious name!!!