Tame Your Temper

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You have a temper! There is nothing unique about that. Most people have tempers, in varying degrees, of course. God does not ask that you get rid of that temper. But He does say that if you are to be happy, it must be brought under control and rechanneled to proper use. God cannot use a man without a temper as well as one with a controlled temper. Too many professed Christians never get “wrought up” about anything; they never get indignant with injustice, with corruption in high places, or with the godless traffics which barter away the souls and bodies of men.

Prayer for the day

Use my anger to help others, Lord. When I see them hurting or Your world decaying, let me be challenged to reach out—instead of merely exploding.

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  1. Igomu mathew jnr says:

    God! We need ur revelation

  2. Robin Alexander says:

    I have a hard time not getting upset when people want to hurt Christians and Jews, innocent children, babies, women and men who love God. I pray for Jesus intervention to stop this and bring peace, salvation and deliverance to these evil people and justice for us all.

  3. Araceli Martinez says:

    Thank you for today’s devotion. Please keep me in prayer in this area. God bless.

  4. Wendy Reiser says:

    Thank you for this encouragement. I’ve noticed God has been leading my words to fight against injustice, destruction of God’s Creation (mainly humans and animals) and I sense that He’s using me to reach people across the world for Him. I would never have the courage to stand up if it wasn’t The Lord and His Holy Spirit leading and guiding my thoughts and words. Praise God!!!

  5. andrea says:

    No 1 makes us angry. We have a choice 2 choose anger or peace. Anger is a hard 1 but Jesus has taught me the truth about anger as it used 2 control me now i have the control through lessons from God’s Holy Spirit. Thank u Jesus

  6. Stacie says:

    How can I not get angry when I see such horrible injustices committed against God, Jesus and the innocent???…Please God, show me how.

  7. mike grayson says:

    God, please help me to control my temper. I am working everyday to improve and it is so amazing that God has this love for us that we cannot understand….unconditional. Thank You God.

  8. Kimberly Jennings says:

    I love reading these daily lessons. Many of them seem to pertain to the issues that I’m struggling with at the moment; I believe that God helps and finds ways to speak to us to guide us through our trials.