Stumbling in Darkness

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The world is stumbling in darkness from one crisis to another. The crises are getting worse and worse, and are coming closer and closer to home. Inflation, population explosion, hunger, dominate vast areas of the world. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. You follow me and give your life to me and I’ll take you out of the darkness of this world, out of this confusion, out of this mess that you’re in, and I’ll give you peace and joy. A light will burn in your heart and mind that you never had before. I will command the light to come on in your life.”

Prayer for the day

Your light shines in the darkest place and gives me hope, Lord Jesus.

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  1. Jesenia Perez says:

    God bless. May God continue to strengthen you in your daily walk with Him

  2. Melville Garber says:

    Lord Jesus is the ONLY TRUE light for every situation that everyone faces. He is always willing and ready to let His light shine in us and for us as long as we abide by His word. Amen