Root of Sin

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The basic problem facing our world is not just social inequity, or lack of education, or even physical hunger. We are finding that highly educated and well-fed people have greeds, hates, passions, and lusts that are not eliminated by education. The root of sin in each of our hearts is extremely deep, and this is the basic cause of the world’s problems; only the fire of the Lord can burn it out. This is precisely what Christ came to do. He didn’t come to treat symptoms. He came to get at the very heart of man’s disease.

Prayer for the day

Father, root out the sin in my life—the shortcomings that are there—and fill me with Your love, so I may fight against the evil present in the world today.

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  1. daniel says:

    there is alot of evil in me that Lord i need purged out . remove it now in Jesus name

  2. Dawn says:

    Amen! Yes Jesus uproot the evil that is around me, not physical or something that is seen, but, spiritual, uproot the spiritual evil that is in my life so that I may walk in thy truth. Thank you Jesus.

  3. Dorie Quejada says:

    I will start reading the daily devotion. Thanks Mr. Graham for doing God’s work. God Bless you always.

  4. Yolanda Arias says:

    Thank You, for your inspiration and dedication.

  5. Judy M. Odom says:

    I turned to TBN last night and heard Dr. Graham preach in Dallas, TX. His father-in-law spoke to the crowd in Chinese and then translated his remarks. Thousands answered his invitation…I thank God for creating such a man to walk amongst us. Millions have given their lives to Christ because of his preachings and those of his son, Franklin. Thank you God for your servant, Dr. Billy Graham. AMEN.

  6. Gerry says:

    Our fallen Adamic nature is what we enter this world with. Once we realize that, it is up to each of us to choose a better way. That better way is by accepting Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. The choice is yours to make .

  7. Joyce Paul says:

    With GOD there is hope even in the most hopeless situation. GLORY TO HIS NAME!!! HALLELUJAH!!!