Prayer is a Conversation

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woman praying outside

Prayer is a two-way conversation; it is our talking to God, and His talking to us. As a Christian, you have a heavenly Father who hears and answers prayer. Jesus said, “All things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” Every man or woman whose life has counted for the church and the Kingdom of God has been a person of prayer. You cannot afford to be too busy to pray. A prayerless Christian is a powerless Christian. Jesus Christ spent many hours in prayer. Sometimes He spent the night on a mountaintop in solitary communion with God the Father. If He felt that He had to pray, how much more do we need to pray!

Prayer for the day

There is inexpressible joy as I come to You in prayer, my heavenly Father.

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  1. peter tonui says:

    His words is de master key to my problems. He know where to sharpen me n when to sharpen. Its only through prayers dat i learnt how God works. ( psalm 25;14)

  2. Peter Charnley says:

    I pray every day whilst walking my dog around a bay near to my coastal home in the NW England. I feel and know I am heard by God. I once would have said it was uncanny or coincidental, but sometimes my prayer is pushed along routes and involves the subject matter of my life that I had not consciously considered particularly important prior to a particular time of prayer, only for things to later emerge in my life that did indeed reveal their relevance and importance. Thankyou God for listening to me. You are indeed my abba Father.

  3. Samuel Ofei says:

    I thank God for BGEA. It has been my source of inspiration the past several years.

  4. Karina says:

    Thank you! God bless y all

  5. Clare Yawathe says:

    Amen n Amen, prayer is my lifestyle!

  6. margaret Karanja says:

    Prayer changes u pray remember me n my family in ua prayers.send me daily devotion for July

  7. Lori Watkins says:

    Prayer is an ESSENTIAL part of my daily life. Like many, I have been ‘too busy’ some mornings and the consequences are a day where I wander around lost, nothing gets accomplished and I feel powerless!! Lord, keep us faithful in Prayer Amen