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You can put a public school and university in the middle of every block of every city in America—but you will never keep America from rotting morally by mere intellectual education. Education cannot be properly called education which neglects the most important parts of man’s nature. Partial education throughout the world is far worse than none at all if we educate the mind but not the soul. To think of civilizing men without converting them to Christ is about as wise as to think about transforming wolves into lambs merely by washing them and putting on them a fleece of wool. “Happy are the merciful; for they shall obtain mercy.” The mercy the world needs is the grace, love, and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is His transforming and regenerating power that the world needs more than anything else.

Prayer for the day

Merciful Lord, may my life be filled with Your outflowing love for others.

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  1. Rick Wilson says:

    Seek, and ye shall find, knock, and the door shall be opened. It is easy to complain about things that we do not have, and complain even more when nothing happens for the good after we have complained. However, to truly be grateful for that which we have can lead to us actually being blessed with things that we really need to survive. But, remember, the LORD helps those who help themselves, and one may be blessed with a bicycle instead of a Lamborghini. lol

  2. Linda Hemenway says:

    I’m 69 years old, living well below the poverty level on mere Social Security, only income. I’m living in a State that is not my own, no family, no support, nothing. I keep saying to myself that God put me here for a reason & hopefully he will come through for me financially one of these days, so I will be able to live in decent housing, a home of my own, for myself & my rescued cats & kittens. I have a 28 yr. old vehicle, which I’m afraid to take very far, although I’m very independent, but very frightened. I keep saying to myself that God put me in this awful place for a reason & that reason, to rescue & save animals. We, as Christians must stand up for Christianity to fight evil in this World! We are overwhelmed with terrorism!