No Reason to Hurry

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This is a high-strung, neurotic, impatient age. We hurry when there is no reason to hurry—just to be hurrying. This fast-paced age has produced more problems and less morality than previous generations, and it has given all of us jangled nerves. Impatience has produced a new crop of broken homes, or more new ulcers, and has set the stage for more world wars.

Prayer for the day

May my heart be still amid all the turmoil, as I remember Your patience with me, Lord Jesus.

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  1. Alice Kambo says:

    Thank you for the message.

  2. Lori Richardson says:

    Thank you for all the work you have done and all you still do! God Bless you Billy Graham and this minstery! I still remember as a child watching you on tv with my family. My father who passed away at 93 in 2012 really like hear you speak. No regular tv on those nights. :-).

  3. cosmas chigombe says:

    Its true.impatience is an enemy of progress and God has never and will need ever reward impatience.thank you man of God

  4. Eric Boateng says:


  5. Carol Stabel says:

    Just As I Am and How Great Thou Art are part of the soundtrack of my life, thanks, in part to you and your crusades throughout the six decades of my life. Thank you.

  6. Teresa says:

    Thank you for your decades of service.

  7. Tommy smith says:

    I try not to hurry in my walk with my lord.