Need For Inner Change

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The world says that all we need to do is be decent, respectable, and reasonable. True, that is all one needs to do to be a member of the Great Society, but to be a member of the Kingdom of God, there must be an inner change. A Communist in Hyde Park, London, pointed to a tramp and said, “Communism will put a new suit on that man.” A Christian standing nearby said, “Yes, but Christ will put a new man in that suit!”

Prayer for the day

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for the change that came deep within me when I received You.

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  1. Gerry says:

    True change begins from the inside out.

  2. David Aniagyei Boamah says:

    I can truly relate to the change of heart that only Christ can work in men. I have seen so much change in my life which can only have been worked from inside out. God’s transformational work is simply awesome. Thank you Jesus!!!

  3. Joy says:

    Thankyou from many friends. Psalm 90, in Jesus name amen

  4. Joyce Paul says:

    As a member of Body of CHRIST, you are a necessary part of the whole. God bless us all. amen

  5. Terre says:

    Love this devotional and the prayer for the day. God does amazing things when people commit to Him!
    I’d rather be the new man in the suit then have a new suit! Great metaphor!