Need For Inner Change

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The world says that all we need to do is be decent, respectable, and reasonable. True, that is all one needs to do to be a member of the Great Society, but to be a member of the Kingdom of God, there must be an inner change. A Communist in Hyde Park, London, pointed to a tramp and said, “Communism will put a new suit on that man.” A Christian standing nearby said, “Yes, but Christ will put a new man in that suit!”

Prayer for the day

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for the change that came deep within me when I received You.

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  1. Rick Wilson says:

    Dear Georgina, YOU have already taken the first step towards eternal salvation by admitting that YOU need to repent because YOU, I, the Graham family, we have all fallen, and fall short of acceptance, which is why we need to admit our wrongs as a nation of believers, confess our sins, not in secret but openly, acknowledge Yeshua as saviour, follow the Decalogue without excuses, and continue the journey walking in Christ’s footsteps – never satisfied in our accomplishments, never resting on our laurels, ever ready to serve the LORD YHWH God.

  2. georgina banda says:

    I need repentance I have fallen

  3. Stephen Hall says:

    Thank you Lord for helping me, inspiring me, guiding me to change; I have such a long way to go still and believe the answer is a closer relationship with You and Your Son Jesus.