Mindful of the Leading of God

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When God gave the law, He knew that man was incapable of keeping it. Many persons are confused as to why God gave the law, if He knew man could not possibly keep it. The Bible teaches that the law was given as a mirror; I look into the law and see my spiritual condition. I see how far short I come, and this drives me to the cross of Christ for forgiveness. The Bible teaches that this is why Christ came-to redeem them that were under the law. Man could not keep the law; he was condemned by the law.

Prayer for the day

How I need Your guidelines, Lord. Teach me to be always mindful of Your leading.

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  1. NDAH PRAISE says:

    I’m so inspired with this lesson.

  2. sam omagor says:

    God bless Billy Graham ministry

  3. Muwanguzi Moses says:

    I’m inspired by your teachings.Thanx 4the great work Dad.I admire u.

  4. Tabetha Long says:

    I thank you I really needed to read this. I haven’t been praying. Im still searching and learning. Not really sure where I am with my spirituality. I do know that God is there and that I cant be happy and love others without HIM>

  5. Jonthan says:

    God gave us the law to teach us and guide our behavior towards him,because disobeying God will bring disaster to man,so live by it and the grace will stand in for you to get it complete.

  6. Margareta Cronholm says:

    thank you, free indeed in Christ Jesus, my savior and Master! Joy fills my heart!