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Christian missions is unique in the aggressive movements of history. Christianity in its pure form has no “axe to grind,” no system to foster, and no profit motivation. Its job is simply to “seek and to save that which is lost.” Nothing more, nothing less. The words “apostle” and “missionary” mean the same thing: “One who is sent.” The word apostle is from the Greek; and the word missionary is from the Latin.

The New Testament is a book of missions. The Gospels tell of Jesus’ missionary accomplishments, and the Acts tell of the missionary endeavors of the apostles. The disciples were launched into the world by the power of the resurrection, and the Gospel made its impact upon the world’s people. Peter went to Lydda, Joppa, Antioch, Babylon, and Asia Minor. John went to Samaria, Ephesus, and to the cities on the Mediterranean. Thomas journeyed to far away India. Paul, the peer of all early missionaries, used the roads Rome had built to take the Gospel through the Empire. Today the need for missions is greater than ever before! The world is shrinking in size but expanding in population. We live in a world of conflicting, confusing beliefs! We live in a world of complex problems! But, more important, we live in a world of dire spiritual need.

Prayer for the day

Father, help me to be a light in this world of darkness, ready for each opportunity to share Your love with those whose spiritual needs are great.

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  1. lori penrod says:

    Very good. Would like you to send one everyday. Thank you

  2. Carole Holmes Schlachta says:

    I really need this.

  3. PeterKai says:

    A verygood spiritualfood,please sentme everyday.

  4. michael says:

    It’s been said you’re either a missionary or a mission field.

  5. Lucy lau says:

    praise be to God Almighty.!!

  6. Joy says:

    Thankyou. “Con Dios todas las cosas son possibles.” in Spanish or in English: “With God all things are possible.” Genesis, Jeremiah, St. Luke 1:37, St. Mark 9 from the good Holy Bible in all of the languages of the world.’ “The Way of the Cross Leads Home”. in Jesus name amen’

  7. Laura Speer says:

    if people could see the real darkness in this evil world they would turn to the Farther in a second! If all Christians would reach just one person, and that person reach one, so on and so forth, just think how many souls would be saved. This is our mission so go forth and touch many souls fo God. Thank you Rev. Graham for your service to the Father.

  8. Ed says:

    Amen! We are instructed to go out and make disciples of Jesus Christ.