Meditate on Scripture

By   •   March 1

reading Bible

Many of the difficulties we experience as Christians can be traced to a lack of Bible study and reading. We should not be content to skim through a chapter merely to satisfy our conscience. Hide the Word of God in your heart! A little portion well digested is of greater value to the soul than a lengthy portion scanned hurriedly. Do not be discouraged because you cannot understand it all. Go on reading. As you read, the Holy Spirit will enlighten the passages for you. Reading the Bible has a purifying effect upon the heart and mind.

Prayer for the day

Let the enlightenment of the riches of Your Word sink deep within my soul, Lord.

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  1. lawrence bulimo says:

    I thank God for you. please just pray with me for spiritual maturity that God may have his way in my life.

  2. Jeff Bern says:

    Look forward to ready your daily devotion

  3. melinda amburn says:

    thank you for sending the right words to me I am a christian and I am finding a lot of people who are suffering with a lot and I tell them they don’t need to just talk to god and he will take care of the rest thanks for this e-mail

  4. Evelyn says:

    It is so important to stay in the Word!

  5. Paul Zacharia says:

    Thanks for sending your daily devotional.

  6. Fred Caro Jr. says:

    I was enlightened , today Sat. the 1st. of March. I saw Son of God the movie and I cried for 10 minutes straight near the end. It was and will always be a true Tale Of Jesus’ life; as THE LORD himself will always be . See it ASAP. Bring an unsaved friend and watch !!! FRED