Living in His Power

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Jesus had a humble heart. If He abides in us, pride will never dominate our lives. Jesus had a loving heart. If He dwells within us, hatred and bitterness will never rule us. Jesus had a forgiving and understanding heart. If He lives within us, mercy will temper our relationships with our fellowmen. Jesus had an unselfish heart. If He lives in us, selfishness will not predominate, but service to God and others will come before our selfish interests. You say, “That’s a big order!” I admit that. It would be impossible if you had to measure up to Him in your own strength and with your natural heart. Paul recognized that he could never attain this heart purity by his own striving.

Prayer for the day

So live in me today that I will be able to radiate Your love and grace, Jesus.

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  1. barnabas Ochieng says:

    Brother help me in prayers am seeking the face of our Lord jesus christ in holy name nothing can stand before him am passing through difficult situation but i believe he died once and for all.

  2. Joyce Garcia says:

    I absolutely love Billy Graham and his MINISTRY’S for many years …. Amen

  3. Jo Anne Crawford Granquist says:

    God, please Bless America, we need a lot of help!

  4. Laura Speer says:

    I praise GOD for His wonderful heart, and I strive for one like His. I ask GOD to bless me with the wisdom and knowledge He has given His servant Reverend Graham in the word of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.