Jesus is Coming

By   •   March 4


Many people are asking, “Where is history heading?” A careful student of the Bible will be led to see that God controls the clock of destiny. Amid the world’s confusion, God’s omnipotent hand moves, working out His unchanging plan and purpose. Jesus Christ is coming to earth again. It is Christ who is in control, and He will determine the outcome. George Whitefield, the great English evangelist, said, “I am daily waiting for the coming of the Son of God.” But he did not sit down and do nothing. He burned out his life in proclaiming the Gospel of Christ.

Prayer for the day

Father, deliver me from slothfulness, keep me quickened to deliver Your message of salvation to everyone who will listen, until that day I die or You return again.

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  1. Clyde ray says:

    Very true

  2. Robin Lagang says:

    Need God to change my life.

    1. Kevin says:

      He will. He wants to change your life more than you do. Ask the Lord to come into your heart and surrender your life or your will to Him. He is Faithful

  3. Teresa. Stephens says:

    Thank you Pastor Graham you are such a blessing !!

  4. sara dempsey says:

    I was brought up to believe in God, Im now 51 yrs. old and I still do!! I know Jesus is coming back soon he has too this Old World is in Bad Shape, and also Prayer needs to go out to those that dont Believe!!

  5. Karen Staley says:

    Comforting to know that Christ is in control and His purpose and plan will prevail.

  6. Billy K Givens says:

    Thanks Billy Graham and the Team.In this world filled with confusion, greed and unforgiveness. We should preach repentance love and forgiveness-for his coming is due…..let us be the church that is ready to receive him…Amen

  7. Sam K says:

    Lord Jesus, my prayer today is to live each day as though it was the day of your return. Help me to overcome my weaknesses and follow you in all things, and be a blessing and witness to other people in my life. Lord, help me to rest in your peace. Thank you for your many blessings and answered prayers in my life. I want to live for you Lord.