Give and Take

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Certain relationships in life require from the parties involved only moderate degrees of devotion. A certain degree of reserve and distance seems to be suitable in such relations as these. But there are other relationships in life where all this is changed when friendship becomes love. Two hearts give themselves to each other to be no longer two, but one. Instead of being separated, their interest and paths are now together. The reserve and the distance suitable to mere friendships is fatal in real love. Love gives all and must have all in return. The wishes of the other party become binding obligations; and the deepest desire of each heart is to know every secret wish and longing of the other, in order that it may do all in its power to gratify those desires. Is that the kind of love, affection, and obedience you have for Christ?

Prayer for the day

Jesus, I say I love You and yet so often it is a selfish, “taking” love. Let me love You in such a way that Your desires will be mine.

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  1. Debashish Guha says:

    I would like to read inspirational messages which can improve my spiritual life. Thanks

  2. Gerry says:

    So very true

  3. Joyce Paul says:

    Teach me to love as thou dost love, And let the whole world know that JESUS CHRIST lives in our hearts, HIS Glorious Light to show.Amen. God Bless us all. PRAISE LORD!!!