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History, philosophy, theology, and—in many centers of learning—even the sciences are being studied to discover what they have to say about Jesus Christ. The records of the Early Church are being reexamined for their testimony to Him. Archaeologists are digging to discover new evidence.

Some say that Jesus Christ is a myth, and He never existed in history. Others say that He was merely a man, that there was nothing supernatural about His birth, and that His resurrection was a hallucination. Others talk about a Christless Christianity. Some say that no matter what one thinks about Christ, it does not affect Christianity. They are wrong!

Christianity is forever linked with the Person of Christ. Carlyle recognized this when he said, “Had this doctrine of the deity of Christ been lost, Christianity would have vanished like a dream.” The historian Lecky remarks, “Christianity is not a system of morals, it is the worship of a Person.”

Prayer for the day

Lord Jesus, You are the living Christ whom I love and revere.

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  1. Elias Yisehak Aldada says:

    This PERSON is Wonderful. He is The Only Person.

  2. william neville says:

    You’ll be running up and down that altar in no time Billy! Praise Jesus!

  3. Danny Nelson says:

    What a Godly man who has been used greatly Of God.

  4. Elias Yisehak Aldada says:

    We are all because of This Kind Good Person.Eternal Glory be unto His Glorious Name, Christ Jesus The Son of God.