Find Peace With God

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How do we find peace with God? We must stop fighting! We must surrender! We must serve! Of course, these steps will be motivated by faith and mingled with love. Having found peace with God, next we experience the peace of God.

This peace of God is not a mere abstraction advocated by preachers and theologians. Thousands of people can witness that they have actually experienced the peace of God and have found it wonderfully adequate for this present day. “For He is our peace.”

Prayer for the day

Father, I thank You for the peace You have given to me, which does not depend on feelings or circumstances.

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  1. Melissa lemieux says:

    Keep me in prayer please I just wanna make it to heaven I just wanna obey and please God

    1. Jarrod Reichert says:

      Praying for you


    Praise the Lord. Today by God’s grace I am experiencing peace of God. All Glory to God. Amen

  3. Linda Rouse says:

    Prayed for peace over my household over Christmas with visiting children that aren’t living for the Lord. Our Father answered that prayer. He covered my mouth to only speak words of love and encouragement.

  4. Jennifer Sroufe says:

    Please keep me posted and count me as a prayer partner.

  5. Arthur Loya says:

    God bless and further the ministries of Rev. Graham…

  6. Joe says:

    Thank God for these uplifting, encouraging devotionals.

  7. Kathy Baker Jordan says:

    What the Name Billy Graham means to me.A man so close to God that you can feel God all around when he Preach the word of God.Its as if God himself was using his body to talk to you.His books is as if God himself wrote the words.And his son is the same as his father.Just like Jesus was the same as his father.I am so thankful they are strong men of God.Thanks for bring the word of God to words that are so understandable.

  8. Annie M. Cabral says:

    I praise my Lord Jesus for coming into my life for I worship Him with all my heart,soul,mind and body,For I BELEIVE that Jesus is the Son of GOD.He is my LORD and SAVIOR,for he gave his life to save his people from darkness,and all because GOD love us so much that He gave us the most precious,gift of all and that is his Son JESUS CHRIST.ALL GLORY,AND PRAISE TO MY HEAVENLY FATHER “Abba”.I do BELEIVE !

  9. Bea Arnold says:

    Great morning. Thank you God.

  10. Lois says:

    Love always hearing from Gods word for my life