Everlasting Peace

By   •   May 4

green forest with sun

Meaningless mouthings about peace will not bring it to the world. In Glasgow, Scotland, we watched the Communists march around St. George’s Square carrying their banners with the words, “Our motto is PEACE!” My thoughts raced back to Korea, where I had seen the havoc and suffering caused by these people who now use “peace” as their motto. Peace is more than five little white letters painted on a piece of red cloth, carried by a goose-stepping zealot in a Red parade. It is not a mere cessation of hostilities, a momentary halt in a hot or cold war. Rather, it is something positive. It is a specific relationship with God into which a person is brought. It is a spiritual reality in a human heart which has come into vital contact with the infinite God.

Prayer for the day

Your everlasting peace transcends the promises of mankind, Lord Jesus.

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  1. hootie says:

    Thank you Sweet Jesus for such a splendid, gorgeous day…

  2. gwen says:

    Please include me in ur ministry

  3. Joy says:

    Thankyou. Peace.

  4. Gerry says:

    True and lasting peace can only be found in a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ our Savior .

  5. Joyce Paul says:

    PEACE IS THE PRESENCE OF GOD! PEACE rules the day when CHRIST rules the Heart.
    LORD JESUS IS VICTOR! Hallelujah!!!

  6. Thomas Benefield says:

    Thanks for being a light on my path to follow Christ. I was in prison last year and began to follow Christ again and reading the Billy Graham Crusade magazine really help me understand what I was missing and needed. Today I’m once again and forever a follower of Christ.