Establishing Peace

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Before the Big Four Conference in Geneva I watched President Eisenhower kneel in a chapel and ask God for divine guidance in the deliberations to follow. I felt sure that God would answer his earnest prayer. I believe that He did, for President Eisenhower during those days displayed the spirit of a true peacemaker on the international level. The only corrective measure in establishing peace is for men as individuals to know the peace of God. Though I am not wholly averse to movements which strive in one way or another for world peace, I have a strong conviction that such peace will never come unless there is a spiritual dynamic at the core. I pray for wars to cease, just as I pray for crime to stop; but I know that the basic cause of both crime and war is the inherent sinfulness of human nature. The world cannot be reborn until men are born again and are at peace with God.

Prayer for the day

Heavenly Father, I pray for the peace of the world through individuals surrendering to Your Son, Jesus Christ. Bless all today who are spreading the Gospel here and abroad.

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  1. Tana Stoiberg says:

    Peace be with you. I saw you several years ago at Dodger Stadium. I think this was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Your life means so much to others. I can’t thank God enough for putting you into the world. Many more happy experiences to come your way. May God bless you and keep you.


  2. Linda Burchett says:

    I need to feel peace in my soul. My family has been through the hardest season of our lives these past two years. We have been so broken. I miss my church, my friends and my family. This was the biggest and worst move we have ever done. I need my hope, my peace and my life back. Please Lord, help me I give it all to you. Please help us get back home and love one another again. Please help me. Amen.

  3. Becky says:

    Amen and amen.

  4. Kimberly Clark says:

    God bless you and your family, Rev. Graham.

  5. Jeannie McPherson says:

    Bless you, Brother Graham. You are a blessing to many. Thank you for your inspiration. I know you are a great God-fearing man. You are the real deal!!!

  6. Peter Giger says:

    We speak of Peace, but are we asking too much? The complexities of humanity, the turbulance that results and the tribulations we suffer seem to defy the Establishment of such a concept in our day (or at this moment of my writing). The Almighty who we must credit with being the only visionary in this process must reveal to us our individual interactions at every occasion. I come to the conclusion that our intimate path must be forged with an all consuming psychology of social compatibility and not Peace in order to broach minimal communication among my neighbor disbeliever as I live in a somewhat “hostile” environment.

  7. Mike Wheeler says:

    I’ve always prayed for and supported your organization, as I will always do. God bless all of you. -Mike Wheeler

  8. Barry McFadden says:

    I agree but the world needs to see that the worldwide Church is also at peace with itself.

  9. Louisa Haarhoff says:

    Thanks for all the inspirational messages on Facebook. God bless.