The Love of God (Part 2)

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Billy Graham’s message from Baltimore, MD, USA – 2006

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  1. Chaita Gurai says:

    Thank you.

  2. Nicholas Baker says:

    I love Billy Graham. He’s an inspiration to everyone. When he talks about the war of Armageddon. I always loved his sermons.

  3. Donald Scott says:

    I listened to Billy Graham on the car radio back in 1960.

  4. caesar nichols says:

    thank God for you!

  5. Robert Lane says:

    I am now 70 years old and have never felt closer to my savior Jesus Christ than I have since I began to follow the words of Billy Graham.

  6. linda m. gore says:

    i want to listen to you.

  7. Ishaya Boyi Dachung says:

    I long to hear this.

  8. Doris Fox says:

    thank you!