Hour of Decision: My Hope America “The Cross”

25:50   •   2013   •   Topics:

Billy Graham’s message from Montreat, NC – 2013.

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  1. mark says:

    Im a sinner and i want God to show me the way. Please help me.

  2. wendy soto says:

    I use to watch Blly Graham in the 50′s on an old t.v. that resembled a big round fish bowl. I remember when he use to make the altar call and we would always bow our head in prayer. He was special then…and he is special now. The young generation of today do not know how “we” old timers can love such a loving Christian man…but we do love Billy and will always remember him, and how he has been able to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and has never changed the message of salvation…it’s through the cross. We will always remember the love that Billy has shown for our Savior. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas

  3. Beverly Dickerson says:

    I love to watch the services on tv of the sermons Bro Graham of years ago. When i was just a small kid I would watch all the specials with my aunt. We had no tv, but she had a black and white one and I remember my mom and I would go watch the specials. I watched the special on FOX network and I do beleive in GOD and I feel the end is nearer than we think. May God Bless Us All.