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My Answer
  • God Knows, and Always Responds to Our Need

    God is not capricious or undependable. He is sovereign and loving, and He knows what's best for us, even if we can't see it at the time.

  • Point Dying Friend to Christ

    Death is inevitable for every one of us. Don't think your prayers have failed if it's God's time for someone to leave earth.

  • I Don’t Like the Music at My Church. Should I Complain?

    Ask God to help you be grateful for all music that points us to God, new or old.

  • Your Financial Giving: Is God Keeping Score?

    God wants to use you to bless others through your giving—and when you bless others, you yourself will be blessed.

  • Do We Really Need Church?

    We all need rest; at times, even Jesus felt the need to get away from the pressures He faced. But we also need times of spiritual renewal. And we can find that in a community of believers and in God's Word.

  • Does God Punish Our Sins?

    We alone are responsible for our own sins, and we alone are accountable to God for what we've done (or failed to do). But He also loves us, and deals mercifully with us.

  • Satanism Is Dangerous!

    Not many people deliberately and knowingly decide to turn their backs on God and worship Satan instead; far more people serve him without ever realizing it.

  • Could You Recognize a Cult?

    Cult and pseudo-Christian groups seem to be flourishing today just as much as they ever have. And we must heed the Bible's warnings against them.

  • Jesus Will Be Back for Those Who Love Him

    Christ's return will be sudden, and for most people, tragically unexpected. Are you ready for that day?

  • What Made Jesus Divine?

    This is a profound mystery we'll never fully understand this side of heaven, but when Jesus was born, God Himself came to live among us. Jesus was God in human flesh.

  • Are You Sharing Your Spiritual Gifts?

    God uses all kinds of people with all kinds of abilities to get His work done. No Christian should ever feel useless in His eyes.

  • Does God Ever Give Up on Someone?

    No one is absolutely hopeless in God's eyes, and God never gives up on even the most hardened or rebellious sinner.

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