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My Answer
  • Hard Time Choosing a Church?

    God knows your needs, and He wants to lead you to the right church for you and your family. Be open to His guidance; He may even lead you to an entirely different church.

  • What’s the Center of Your Life?

    Make Christ the center and the foundation of your life—not just once a year, but every day. Why not invite Him to come into your life today?

  • Learn from the Mistakes of Biblical Heroes

    Why does the Bible tell us about the sins of men and women who were supposed to be following God—but failed?

  • Seek God’s Wisdom Before Any Earthly Advice

    Don't be satisfied with anything less than God's will for your life. Always put Christ first, and everything else will fall into place.

  • Don’t Be Deceived by Cults

    Don't confuse any cult with the Gospel. There is only one True Religion.

  • Ask God to Guide You in Charitable Giving

    If you aren't familiar with an organization, ask your pastor or other knowledgeable person for advice. Avoid those that spend lavishly on fundraising, or use high pressure methods or strongly emotional appeals.

  • Turning from God Has Consequences

    Don't gamble with your future, and don't gamble with your soul. Instead, turn back to Christ and give your life to Him.

  • Be Careful of Having the Wrong Friends

    We need to have friends that will encourage us in our faith, not tear us down.

  • Only God Can Help You Find Your Way

    God loves you and cares about you. In fact, you are very important to Him and He has a future for you. He has preserved your life in the past, and He will be with you in the future.

  • Turn to God During Times of Adversity

    Will it be better for you to go through life's hard times with God—or without Him? Without Him you'll be left to your own resources—but are they enough to see you through the struggles you're likely to face?

  • God’s Ways Are Always Best

    It is human nature to want to feel free and make up our own rules about right and wrong. But don't be deceived; this is a dead-end road.

  • You Can Be Evidence of God’s Love

    People are seldom won to Christ only through arguments or debates. They are instead won by discovering who Jesus Christ really is, and what difference He can make in their lives.

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