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My Answer
  • Don’t Go Through Life Without Jesus

    Instead of turning your back on God and assuming you don't need Him, turn to Christ and by faith declare your dependence on Him—both for your life right now, and for eternity.

  • Can God Forgive Anyone?

    Sin has separated us from God—but God loves us, and He sent Jesus Christ into the world to forgive us and cleanse us from all our sins.

  • Are You Prepared to Meet Jesus?

    Death is not the end. Ahead of us is eternity, either experiencing the joy of Heaven or the despair of what the Bible calls Hell. Be sure of what awaits you.

  • Running Away Is Never the Answer

    Instead of running away from your problems, ask God to guide you as you make decisions about your future.

  • God Can Help You Deal With Emotions

    Ask God to help you overcome your emotional outbursts by looking to Him for the patience and compassion you need. In addition, ask Him to help you use your tongue for good.

  • You Cannot Inherit Your Faith

    You can't depend on your parents' or grandparents' faith to carry you. Your own relationship with God is what counts.

  • Does God Care About the Environment?

    God certainly does care about the way we treat the earth. He created it, and He has entrusted its care to us.

  • Are You Afraid to Pray?

    God loves us, and He wants us to bring every concern we have to Him in prayer. You can't offend Him by saying something wrong; He loves you, and He welcomes your simplest prayer!

  • I’m Divorced. What Now?

    Divorce is somewhat like major surgery; it takes time to heal from it, and you may wonder if the pain will ever end. Begin by asking God to help you focus on the future instead of the past.

  • Don’t Let Pride Get In the Way

    If pride is controlling your life, remember that God loves you, and life's highest joy comes from knowing Him and trusting Him with our lives every day.

  • Value Pets, But Not Over People

    Be grateful to God for your pets. However, don't love them more than you love other people—and especially God.

  • Don’t Gamble with Your Life—Or Your Soul

    People spend enormous amounts of time and money trying to keep old age at bay. But death is a reality, and beyond it is eternity —either with God in Heaven, or in Hell.

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