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Our pastor said the other day that we ought to be glad when problems come, because we'll become better persons as a result. I'm not sure I agree with him. Why would God put us into hard situations?


Your pastor was only echoing what the Bible tells us about troubles, namely, that God can use them to make our faith stronger and draw us closer to Himself. The Bible says, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds…. so that you may be mature and complete” (James 1:2, 4).

Think of it this way: Suppose you never got any physical exercise; all you did was sit in your chair or lie in bed all day. What would happen to your muscles? You know the answer: They’d grow weaker and weaker, and eventually you might not even be able to get out of bed. Our muscles only become strong if we exercise them and challenge them to do more. The more resistance they face, the stronger they’ll get.

The same is true spiritually. If our faith is never challenged… if we never have to put it to work… then our spiritual “muscles” will grow weaker and weaker. But when hardships and trials come into our lives, we’ll be forced to exercise those spiritual “muscles” — and when we do, our faith will grow stronger. We’ll discover that God still loves us and is with us, and He can be trusted to lead us through life’s storms. The Bible says, “We know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope” (Romans 5:3-4).

Thank God that He will never abandon you, no matter what comes your way. And when hard times do come, turn to Him and ask Him to use them to help you grow in your faith.

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  1. Cecy says:

    This is very true. God puts me in situations where I just have to let him take the wheel it is the hardest thing at first because you don’t know what situation you’re going to be put in or if you’re going the right path. For me it is so hard it is almost impossible to follow what God is telling me because I get scared and feeling hopeless that everything unfolds in the end if you just believe.

  2. Vashti says:

    Hi. I am Vashti. Today, I have looked this up because I am 12 years old and my mother was just getting so angry at me and I was crying my eyeballs out and I was so sad. I wanted to look at this. I LOVE IT. Thanks so much.

  3. Chaela says:

    I totally agree to the response, If God doesn’t put your spiritual muscles to work, then eventually they’ll go to waste. God give his hardest battles to his strongest soilders. I’m in a situation right now where my life depends on it. But, i am a child of God, I believe in him, and believe he will get me through this time of need. I would like to tell everyone to keep me in their prayers. And I’ll do the same.

  4. kim says:

    I so agree with the response to this question. Without tribulations our faith would not grow. I’ve been abused and suffered hardship in my life BUT I have unending faith from it and always over comming every issue by trusting just Jesus! One thing im positive of is my faith is unshakeable because our God has proved to me thru crisis He can do ANYTHING!

  5. Ethel says:

    Truth but too hard to swallow.

  6. harry says:

    it is at that tryin moment that God is preparing a potter,he kneads the clay to remove air bubble n grass n sticks so as to remain with fine clay then he goes to put it in the kiln to make it to be able to hold water..its u to know season if its time for preparation or not..i thank God for every trial n temptation for He is preparin me 4 His purpose.thats y i chose to Yield to His power.