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What are the main things the devil uses to attack people and try to get them off course? I know temptation must be one of them, but are there others -- even some we might not think about?


The devil has one main goal: to turn us away from God and instead make us his slaves. And he will do everything he possibly can to achieve this goal. This is why the Bible commands us to “Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes” (Ephesians 6:11).

Yes, temptation is certainly one of the devil’s main weapons — and it takes many different forms. He’ll try, for example, to tempt us with sins of the flesh — immorality, pleasure-seeking, destructive habits, and so forth. But if those don’t work he’ll tempt us with sins of the heart or mind — evil thoughts, wrong motives, anger, jealousy, and so forth. He’ll also attack us spiritually — trying to fill us with doubts, attempting to convince us that God doesn’t care about us, filling us with pride, and so forth.

How can we combat his schemes? The first step is to be sure that we have given our lives to Christ. When we come to Him we are no longer citizens of Satan’s kingdom; we are now citizens of the Kingdom of God! Let this great truth strengthen you every day.

In addition, when Satan tempts you, recognize it for what it is: an attempt to turn you away from God. Then combat his lies with the truth of God’s Word, and with prayer, and with the help of other believers. The Bible says, “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you” (James 4:7).

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  1. Gemini says:

    I thank you to read your explanation here about Satan.I really want to understand about his work

  2. soulsurvivor says:

    We must remember that if our lives really made no difference if we were really of no value..if we were as worthless as the devil tries to make us feel then he wouldnt put in so much effort to take us away from the things of god…he wouldnt be threatened by a lukewarm christian its the fiery ones that quake his wet lets keep on praying.praising.and believing our heavenly father for his thoughts towards us our good he loves usand will carry us throughout this journey.remember the hotter the battle the sweeter the victory!! Blessed love

  3. soulsurvivor says:

    I have realised in my own walk that; god has used me to speak his word, many times i have even prophesied. But in the midst of god seeing me worthy to be used.the enemy has flooded my mind with so much doubt about myself. I find when god is using me i then become consumed with thoughts like. “What your saying to people isnt a word from god its just your perception”…”god isnt using you”…”you only think that god sees value in you because nobody else does”…the list goes on! Remember my fellow brothers and sisters in christ, satan will only attack you out of fear..he feels afraid that you are becoming powerful…so he exaggerates your weaknesses…you are bold…he will try to break your confidence…god is all powerful trust entirely!!

    1. Guy Gray says:

      Thank you I really needed this.

  4. Melissa says:

    I have a problem in my thoughts. The devil keeps messing with my thoughts. I truly believe in The Lord Jesus, yet my mind keeps saying no I don’t. I was baptized as a child…twice. Not sure if I was right the first time. Re dedicated my life to Christ in my thirties, yet still I question my salvation. I believe , then I question. It’s endless . I have had the profound joy of bringing others to know Christ. My heAlth is poor! but I know I am blessed. I believe in God, I did not know atheist existed until I was in my twenties. Why must my mind doubt and question. My heart knows the truth , but it hurts with these things of my mind. Renew the mind …this I know . Stay close to a God. Why do I hinder with Jesus name. I have taught and teach he is the only way….why do I doubt myself?

  5. Hannah says:

    All things: sin, low self-esteem, depression, sadness, and etc. Most of the phrases he uses are: you are, you want, I am, and etc. Be careful and test the spirit to see if it is from God.

  6. Sharon says:

    The Mind is the Devils playground and so is the heart… control your thoughts in prayer and be gentle and careful with the heart — remember what the road to Hell is paved with.

  7. Kennifer says:

    Jesus said himself that satan is the father of lies and all that is false. The truth is not in him. Satan constantly feed us lies and if we believe him we are deceived. I once was a victim of his deception until I renewed my mind according to the word of GOD.