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I've been unemployed for over a year, and I've given up even looking for a job. My life seems so hopeless. All I do is sit around the house and watch television while my wife nags me to get a job. How can I get out of this pit?


My heart goes out to you and to all those who have lost their jobs recently. Unemployment often not only affects people economically, but also emotionally and spiritually. The Bible says, “A man can do nothing better than to … find satisfaction in his work” (Ecclesiastes 2:24).

The most important thing I can tell you is that God knows your situation and He cares for you and has a plan for your future. Our lives are never hopeless when we put them in God’s hands! This is why the most important step you can take right now is to open your heart to Christ and ask Him to help you. By a simple prayer of faith put your life into His hands and ask Him to guide you. The Bible says, “As for God, his way is perfect” (Psalm 18:30).

Then ask Him to give you the desire to do whatever you need to do to find another job. It’s been said that our first step is often our hardest—and it’s true. But if you know Christ, you do not take it alone. Trust Him to guide you to the job He has already prepared for you. If you need retraining, ask Him to open that door also.

In the meantime, take your free time as a gift from God and ask Him to help you use it wisely. Do projects around the house, for example, or volunteer to help others in your community or church.

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  1. Dan Emma says:

    God bless you.

  2. Oliver says:

    I’ve been unemployed for over 5 years now. I’ve lost any hope of finding a new job. As a well known bible teacher once said, we must not confuse faith with wishful thinking.

  3. sharad walhekar says:

    Thank you so much for your kind help…God Bless You…

  4. Napoleon Smith says:

    Three college degrees and two yeras unemplopyment = lost everything but a food stamp card. More interested in making contribution than money. Did evrything right. Living has become pointless. And I watch as, to those obessed with money, all good things come. Hard to believe in anything anymore.

  5. Gloria Carter says:

    I used to get any job I interviewed for, but I am older and cannot find a job. I have done all of the things that well-fed, secure people say to do when looking for a job, but it does no good. Why does God let me live if He has no plan for me to have a way to live?

    1. Justin Hill says:

      Gloria I understand, I recently lost my fiance, my job, and my savings… and to some extent lost my mind a little. I think Job had it right though when he said “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the Lord.” I know for me this has been a trying time and I proved to fail a lot of the tests before me… not trusting the Lord to be good, not remaining faithful in Bible reading or prayer, not forgiving as I’ve been forgiven, etc. It revealed a lot of things in my heart that need to be removed and even started the process… I don’t know what the Lord is doing in your life… in Job’s life he was proving a point to Satan with his sufferings, in Jesus’s life he was saving the whole world with his sufferings… I know it’s painful and difficult but the Lord is good and faithful… Grace and peace to you and I hope you find work soon!

    2. Steve says:

      I understand your position and am in the same situation. I hope that it will improve for you.
      Do not give up hope and try everyday.
      Bless you !