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I'm about to give up on God. I've prayed and prayed for Him to take away my problems, but nothing has changed. Why doesn't God do something? I thought He was supposed to care about us.


God does care about us – far more than we will ever imagine. Even when we forget Him or ignore Him, He does not forget us or ignore us, because His love for us is everlasting. The Bible says, “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever” (Psalm 106:1).

Why, then, doesn’t He take our problems away when we ask Him? I’ve pondered this question most of my life, and to be honest I don’t have an answer that covers every situation. God sees the whole picture; we see only a part. Someday we will understand, when we see Jesus in heaven – but until then, the Bible says, “We live by faith, not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7).

But I do know this: Often God answers our prayers not by taking our problems away, but by giving us the strength and wisdom to deal with them. Yes, when problems arise we all wish they’d just go away – but sometimes God wants us to turn to Him and instead ask Him for the strength to stand up under them. And when we do, He has promised to grant it. The Apostle Paul said, “I can do everything through him (Christ) who gives me strength” (Philippians 4:13).

May this be your experience as you turn your life over to Jesus Christ and trust your problems into His care. God loves you; He loves you so much that He sent His Son into the world to make you part of His family forever. Put your trust in Him today.

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  1. Donald Gainey says:

    I was in the military for 8 years, praying and asking God for guidance. I was away from home all the time and my family was suffering from it. So I made the HARD financial decision to get out, believing that financial security was taking the place of Trusting God to provide. For the last 2 years my family has only suffered. We are almost in a homeless shelter every month. Now I could say God is providing and keeping us in a home, but living like this is only pushing me away from God. My wife, kids and friends now Mock God and me. Trusting God sure worked out for you, they say. Then their are the so called Christians…who love to quote scripture and say nice things to my face, but also judge me for not having anything to show for my life.

  2. Sharon says:

    As a 66 year old woman raised in cathlocism….having attended parochial schools ….graduating from a Marianist University…it us very difficult to believe in a loving God. I was bullied in grade school and high school by both students and faculty which contributed to low self esteem. I never felt lovable. Eventually married at the age of 50 only to find out that my spouse was after my hard earned money. I divorced him…paid alimony…list my home….retired…cared for my dying mother …. And now I live a life devoid of any intimacy or companionship. I drink excessively to cope with isolation and despair. I literally feel abandoned by God.

    1. Bronx anonymous says:

      I can understand how you can feel like giving up especially when you feel like you have done everything right. Nobody has all of the answers. But please don’t stop having faith. There are still plenty of things to smile about although you may feel that dark cloud may never leave you. God is always there. He knows your pain. And to those that bring hurt, they will have to answer to Him. I will pray for you Sharon.

  3. Jack says:

    But millions of Christians pray and pray all their lives without any results. Is it logical to conclude that God hears our thousands of prayers but just decides to wait until we died to answer them? I have read wrenching heartbreaking posts from single lonely men who have lived with empty lives devoid of any love up to their 60’s-70’s when they gave up and were ready to die. They waited and waited on God to send a good Christian woman and none were forthcoming. A few said that the ones God sent were pagan, agnostic, atheistic or just plain too worldly to be a spouse so the men passed. Many died lonely, embittered having given up on God, lost their faith. Is this how God tests a man–drives him to the breaking point and then abandons him?

  4. Tiffany says:

    As soon as eveything seems to be going right boom there’s a hit of pain. I’m labout 99 percent giving up on life and god himself. Nothing seems to work no matter what I do. Depression kicks in and I feel hopeless. Heart broken never got a chance to heal and it was split even more.

  5. Snah says:

    Am also about to give up i now surrender all to Jesus i have tried all but nothing gets better its worse that is why i surrender all to him amen

  6. Anciano says:

    This is where a lot of people go astray. We think we have faith but when it is put to the test, we find we don’t have what we once thought. Consider Daniel’s three friends who were thrown into the fiery furnace. YHWH didn’t come and stop them from being thrown in, they had to go in. However, He did send Messiah to stand with them in their time of need so that they came out not even smelling like smoke.

    He does things much the same way today. He’ll throw us right into the furnace without hesitation. But He’ll also stand with us in the fire so that we don’t get burned.

    That said I know most of my personal problems arise when I am unfaithful and need correction. When hard times come I seek for whatever correction I might need,