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If angels are real, then why don't they keep us from getting hurt? I was in an auto accident a few months ago and ended up in the hospital for three weeks. Where was my guardian angel while all that was happening?


God hasn’t promised that we’ll never get hurt or sick, or have other problems in life. Job—who knew what it was to go through hard times—wisely said that “man is born to trouble as surely as sparks fly upward” (Job 5:7).

But God has promised to be with us when hard times come—and one way He does this is through the protection of His angels. You may not see them or even be aware of their presence—but they still were looking after you during this accident and protecting you from even more harm. They also have been with you to help you in your recovery. Instead of doubting God’s care and wondering if He has abandoned you, may your heart instead be filled with thanksgiving.

Admittedly, we don’t always understand why bad things happen to us; someday, all our questions will be answered, but not yet. But by faith we know that God’s promise is true: “For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways” (Psalm 91:11). This is God’s promise to every believer.

The most important way God’s angels do this is by safeguarding our souls from Satan’s fury until death, when they usher us safely into God’s presence forever. Do you have this assurance in your heart? Do you know for sure that if you had died in this accident, you would have gone to heaven? You can, by giving your life to Christ today.

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  1. William (Billy) Christian Graham says:

    Praise God.

  2. Des says:

    God’s angels are certainly there at all times protecting us while we remain followers of Christ. Each morning when I wake up, I command all demons to leave my house in the name of Jesus and I believe they do in fact leave and this helps God’s angels to do the job protecting myself and my wife.

  3. Nathan Denyes says:

    I firmly believe the Lord sometimes allows us to be in these accidents of life because sometimes we are running in the wrong direction (away from Him) or sometimes I think He is just slowing us down. Keep the faith brother

  4. Debbie Solesky says:

    One day I was crossing a stree with my dog. A car was coming way down the road but I had time to cross, but I started to stumble. I felt hands underneath my arms lift me up so I regained my steps and hurried across the street. I realized what just happened and praised God. My angel saved my life.

  5. Charlotte says:

    i was in a bad accident where I was hit by a drunk driver. I knew God was with me because my kids were not hurt bad and I was hurt bad but alive and to me that gave me a new way of looking at how precious my life is to God. He saved me and taught me through my injuries. We must remember that God uses our hard times to teach us and if we are focused on why God is not getting us out of it, then we will miss Him!

  6. Bill Sissel says:

    Thank you for reminding me of HIS heavenly angels.

  7. Donna Baxter says:

    I just want to give God the glory for his wise words of knowledge and ask him to continue to bless this ministry and each individual person that partake their time and energy to make it a success to bless us. Thank you with love.