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I know I'm going to hell when I die because I've blasphemed the Holy Spirit. My aunt says God will forgive me but I don't believe it. But I promised her I'd write you to see what you'd say. I don't want to go to hell but I know I will.


Do you honestly think God wants you to spend eternity apart from Him in the place the Bible calls hell? No, He doesn’t. Instead, He wants you to be with Him in heaven because He loves you. The Bible says, “He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance”(2 Peter 3:9).

Those words were written by the Apostle Peter–and if anyone was guilty of denying Christ, it was Peter. Do you remember? Jesus had warned Peter that he would deny Him, but Peter strongly disagreed. Then Jesus was arrested, and when someone asked Peter if he also was a follower of Jesus, “He began to call down curses on himself, and he swore to them, ‘I don’t know this man'” (Mark 14:71). But Peter repented, and God forgave him–completely and totally. And He will forgive you.

Yes, Jesus said only one sin couldn’t be forgiven, and that was “blasphemy against the Spirit” (Matthew 12:31). But what does it mean to blaspheme the Spirit? I have studied Jesus’ words very carefully, and it simply means this: To deny the Holy Spirit’s witness to Jesus.

In other words, the only sin God can’t forgive is the sin of rejecting Christ. But why reject Him any longer? God’s promise is for you: “Whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:18). Commit your life to Him today.

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  1. Kenny says:

    Thanks. This was very helpful in answering questions my 11-year-old son had. I couldn’t help but notice there are several people dealing with the blasphemy issue. The enemy definitely wants us to be confused about the matter. But God is, according to the Bible, a forgiving God and He wants the truth to be known. If you have accepted His forgiveness and confessed His Lordship; you need to get on with His fellowship and start serving Him. If you have been rejecting Him, stop now, turn away from it, accept Him and His forgiveness today. It feels great. I know firsthand.

  2. mandy says:

    I felt this way for months. It is horrible because I backslid and ignored God’s convictions in my heart. I repented and look at that time I was sinning, I didn’t feel so bad about sinning until later. I am saddened by it and I feel like a different person. I pray God forgives me for straight up ignoring him, ignoring the convictions of the Holy Spirit, and living selfishly. It’s never worth it and it began with one small sin snowballing into sins and destruction. My friends prayed with me and told me God is with me and loves me. I am sorry for ever sinning when Jesus died for us, we put the thorns in his head, and the lashes on his back….etc. I am still battling with this issue, but have asked for forgiveness, and wait on him. I feel separated.

  3. lynn says:

    My comment is about sinning against the spirit. u said if I repent god will forgive me.

  4. Ashton says:

    You know, I was very scared I had blasphemied the Holy Spirit when He told me to fast and I didn’t. But you have shown me that this wasn’t the case. And I pray to God for our sales that you are right. I’ve always been a “show me where it says that it the word” type of guy. Something is telling me to doubt you, but I want to believe you. Please pray for me. And show me more proof in the word as confirmation. Thanks for taking the time to read

  5. terrie howard says:

    god bless this web site

  6. Margaret Woodroffe says:

    I find this to be very helpful thanks so much

  7. Ugwuishi says:

    Blessed be the name of my Lord