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Does God still expect us to keep the Ten Commandments? Aren't they a bit out of date, since they're thousands of years old and the world is so much different today?


The Ten Commandments are just as valid today as when God gave them to Moses over 3,000 years ago. Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law” (Matthew 5:18).

Yes, it’s true we live in a much different world. But if anything, this means we need the Ten Commandments even more, for we live in a time of great moral and spiritual confusion. How can we know what is right or wrong? There are only two ways: either we make it up on our own–or we depend on God to show us. But God knows what is best for us, and when we reject His will for us, we end up in moral and spiritual chaos.

Have you honestly looked carefully at the Ten Commandments? (You can find them in Exodus 20:1-17.) When you do, you may be surprised just how brief they are–but also how much they cover. Don’t we all benefit when people don’t kill each other, or steal, or dishonor their marriage vows? Of course. But the issue you face isn’t just whether or not you will follow the Ten Commandments. The real issue is what place God has in your life. Have you put Him on the fringes, so to speak? Why? Instead, put God at the center of your life by committing yourself to Christ.

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  1. Robert says:

    I find no place in the Old or New Testament that the 10 Commandments have been done away with or changed. Does this mean the seventh-day Sabbath is still part of the Ten Commandments and should be observed like Jesus did? Please send me text that shows there was a change in the fourth commandment.

  2. jud carter says:

    thanks for your message about the Ten Commandments. Matthew 5:17-20. Could it be some of the la ck of respect for law a.nd authority today is due in part to disrespect for the ten commandments? Romans 13:1-5.

  3. Pauline Stewart says:

    thank you…just come from church where it was preached that we no longer need to obey the ten commandments. If we are born again believers then wouldn’t we desire to obey them surely? I chose this site for a comment because Billy Graham has been a trusted servant of God for many years.

  4. Denoredo says:

    Yes, the Sabbath is still valid just as the first day God blessed the seventh day and made it holy… it would have made sense to me for the Sabbath to be abolished but then I read that God, after he had finished making the world blessed the seventh day… why would he do such a thing for only one day? The answer is that he expects us to Remember the Sabbath day and keep it Holy.

  5. Marc says:

    Of course we still need to keep the sabbath holy, God established it in Eden long before sins came into the world, and he made it holy Gen 2 , and Jesus and the apostles kept it, Luc 6, and the sabbath will still be existed and kept in the new earth Isaiah 66 v 22….

  6. Ella Burks says:

    Dose that mean we have to keep the Sabbath day holy??