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Does God ever give up on us? I wouldn't be surprised if He's given up on me because I can't count how many times I've told Him I'll live a better life, and then I forget all about it. He must be very disappointed in me.


God doesn’t give up on us until we give up on Him. Only when we repeatedly turn our backs on Him and stubbornly refuse His offer of forgiveness will He finally let us go. The Bible warns, “A man who remains stiff-necked after many rebukes will suddenly be destroyed—without remedy” (Proverbs 29:1).

Have you reached that point? No, you haven’t; if you had, you wouldn’t be writing me or worrying about your salvation. The person who is in the most danger spiritually is the one who doesn’t care about his or her spiritual state. Don’t let that ever become true of you!

But your question concerns me, nevertheless, because it suggests that you have misunderstood what God expects of you. Does God just want you to behave better? To put it another way, does God promise to reward you with eternal life if you’ll just try hard enough? Or does God want something else from you? The answer is “Yes”—God does want something else, and that “something” is for you to give your life to Jesus Christ.

You see, we are separated from God because of our sins, and our greatest need is to be forgiven and cleansed of them. This is why Jesus Christ came into the world. All your sins were placed on Him, and He died for you. Now God offers you salvation as a free gift—a gift Christ paid for with His blood. Repent of your sins and ask Christ to come into your life today.

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  1. Jeff Kirk says:

    I am so unworthy, I am sick of being a lukewarm christian. I repent and turn to JESUS, I know HE is my only hope, no JESUS no good works, I am tired. I might not be able to stop all sin in my life, but I can avoid gross sin in my life, I am thankful for having a SAVIOR, and if HE takes me back I will not turn away from HIM again.

  2. brittany says:

    I never really cared about my salvation in the past. But now I want a relationship with GOd again. I was a back slider and one day a feeling came to me that what I was doing is wrong. And I should go back to God. Ever since I came back to God. I don’t enjoy the things I used to do. Like listen to ungodly music . or watch ungodly movies. It makes me upset when movies or TV shows make fun of God. I’m just worryed God has given up on me. Is it to late for me

  3. Steve Jump says:

    Sometimes I feel as though I’ve pushed God to far and He’s tired of dealing with me. I suffer from major depression, bipolar disorder and severe panic disorder. I feel so hopeless most of the time. I’m sick of being satans punching bag. I go through periods of doubt and unbelief and this scares me to death. I was saved years ago but I want and pray for the kind of peace and joy Jesus speaks of. God have mercy on my soul. People please pray for me. I used to love reading my bible and praying to the Heavenly Father. Now I feel so useless and hollow inside. Father God I beg for your mercy on my soul. Please please save me Lord Jesus. Please pray for me

    1. Lynn says:

      Steve, may I ask if you received a reply to your comment? I deal with the exact same issue. As a matter of fact, I may as well have typed those words myself. I was just wondering if you received any word back that helped you.

  4. Craig Rensland says:

    thank you; I wont ever give up on Jesus. It’s not too late for me

  5. Grace says:

    I’ve been struggling with a sin for a very long time and I’m so Afraid God’s going to give up on me and let me go. I don’t want that to happen. I don’t know why I can’t stop but I want to get better I need help. I don’t want God to take me out because I wouldn’t change.

    1. Ellen says:

      Just want to say that I too have been struggling for a very long time (alcohol addiction) and feel that God must be fed up with me by now. I keep promising I’m going to stop but only last a couple days before I am back at it. I will pray for u, hope u will pray for me too. Just get in the Word, and pray for guidance, wisdom, insight…that’s where the power is. The devil knows his time is short so he’s doing every thing possible to destroy believers – remember the Bible says he walks around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. We’re gonna make it, Grace.

  6. Ryan H says:

    I am extremely scared. Everyone in my life has downplayed my sin ( Pornography ) and said it was no big deal. I felt I was abnormal so I believed them. I reached a place where I had no guilt and shame. I was no longer tempted to do my sin and felt no conviction I also was unable to love at all. I have been seeking God for ten months now and I still haven’t felt God’s forgiveness. I don’t know what to do. I just recently found out about the people in Jeremiah. I don’t feel God will ever return to me. My twin brother also got to this state. Please please can you pray for my twin brother and myself. I am scared!

  7. Charles says:

    God has allowed me to live with a broken heart for some time now. I don’t know if he gave up on me but I know he didn’t say he would leave me. I thank him though for life, maybe someday things will get better.

  8. scott says:

    I’ve been feeling soulless for a while now, a couple of months. I have had issues all my life with habitual lying and sexual immorality. I am married and have a two year old son and I have felt completely disconnected from them for the past couple of months. I have been self serving and not worried about others and I fear that even though I am scared in truth I am one of those that is without remedy. Please pray for me, all I want is to love my son like I used to, I used to enjoy spending time with him, now I just feel like I’m sitting there watching him without any feeling.